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Ford Taurus Owners Manual [Ford Motor Company] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Factory Original Owners Manual, also referred. Page 1 of Free PDF Manual Download for Ford Taurus. Ford Taurus Owners Manual; ( Pages). (Free). Ford Taurus Owners Manual; ( Pages). (Free). Ford Taurus Owners Manual; ( Pages).

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If you do not install and use the safety seat properly, the child may taudus injured in taurhs sudden stop or collision. Inflate all tires to the inflation pressure recommended by Ford Motor Company. Page Customer Assistance In some states in the U. Locks And Security You must complete Steps within 30 seconds or the procedure will have to be repeated.

Fold the edges of the vinyl towards the center, making sure that the edges clear the end cap slots.

Ford Taurus Owners Manual | eBay

Safety belt assemblies not in use during a collision should also be inspected and replaced if either damage or improper operation is noted. Indicates the maximum load and tire pressure when the tire fordd used as a single; defined as two tires total on the rear axle.

Recycled engine coolant Ford Motor Company does NOT recommend the use of recycled engine coolant in vehicles originally equipped with Motorcraft Premium Gold Engine Coolant since a Ford-approved recycling process is not yet available. Certification label may be located.


Ford Taurus Owner’s Manual

Remove the bulb retaining ring by rotating it counterclockwise. Engine coolant reservoir 9. Remove two screws and the lower trim panel from the liftgate.

If the fluid is low, add fluid in small amounts, continuously checking the level until it reaches the range between the MIN and MAX lines. Setup menu Press this control for the following displays: Customer Assistance If you did not take advantage of the Ford Extended Service Plan at the time of purchasing your vehicle, you may still be eligible.

Recreational Towing all wheels on the ground under ownrrs following conditions: The engine must warm up to its normal operating temperature. Carefully pull the bulb from the socket and push in the new bulb. This will automatically return the vehicle to the previously set speed.

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This position locks the transaxle and prevents the front wheels from turning. Ford Taurus Owner’s Manual pages. Maintenance And Specifications Working with the engine off 1. Press the control to move the seat forward, backward, up or down. Pull the bulb straight out of the socket and push in the new bulb. Press to raise or lower the front portion of the seat cushion. Do not attempt to service, repair, or modify the airbag SRS, its fuses or the seat cover on a seat containing an airbag. Wet brakes do not stop the vehicle as quickly as dry brakes.


Ford Taurus Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

At least once a month 207 before long trips, inspect each tire and check the tire pressure with a tire gauge including spare, if equipped. Use only Ford recommended replacement fasteners.

For fabric, carpets, cloth seats, safety belts and seats equipped with side air bags: Electronic automatic temperature control. The driver and the right front passenger seat belt system including retractors, buckles and height adjusters must be replaced if the vehicle is involved in a collision that results in deployment of front airbags or side airbags and safety belt pretensioners.

You are strongly urged to buy a reliable tire pressure gauge, as automatic service station gauges may be inaccurate. Cd Changer Do not pull too hard on the disc holder as the disc holder may come completely out of the magazine. Summary of Contents for Ford Taurus Page 1: Before starting the vehicle: Due to technical incompatibility, certain recordable and re-recordable compact discs may not function correctly when used in Ford CD players.

Engine oil dipstick 7.