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Download manual Acura RDX Manual Description ACURA RDX MMC North America Owner’s M 50 31STK enu, (Date sold original. Acura RDX – Navigation Manual ( pages) Acura RDX – Owner’s Manual ยท Acura RDX – Advanced Technolgy Guide. Your selection of a Acura RDX was a wise investment. . RDX Online Reference Owner’s Manual Refer to the navigation system manual.

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It will swing open.

Acura RDX Owners Manuals

Install them only on the front tires. Push down the selector knob to display the audio menu. Press and release the side of the bar to move to the beginning of the previous folder. Anti-lock Brakes abs ABS activates. In Canada, visit www.

How The Passenger Airbag Off Indicator Works RDX If the indicator comes on with no front seat passenger and no objects on the seat, or with an adult riding there, something may be interfering with the weight sensors. Page folders or up to files. To activate the lockable retractor, slowly pull the shoulder part of the belt all the way out until it stops, then let the belt feed back into the retractor.

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Acura RDX – Navigation Manual – PDF ( Pages)

If your vehicle’s battery is disconnected or goes dead, the audio system will disable itself. Once a passcode is set, you will need to acyra it to use HFL each time you start the vehicle.


Bluetooth Handsfreelink For a list of compatible phones, pairing procedures, and special feature capabilities: When the system senses a loss of one or more wheel traction, it automatically transfers some power to the other wheels.

Page 64 RDX Follow the HFL prompts to confirm the name and make the call. Your vehicle has a side airbag cutoff system designed primarily to protect a child riding in the front passenger’s seat. Do not place stabilizer rings or labels on the CD. Page When the audio manua, is disabled, the clock setting in the audio system will be canceled. Share your thoughts with other customers. It is also on the certification label attached to the driver’s doorjamb, and is stamped on the engine compartment bulkhead.

All manuql phone numbers stored for that name will be listed. Page Push the selector to the right side to skip forward and to the left side to skip backward. Improper wheel weights can damage your vehicle’s aluminum wheels. Page RDX To return the seat cushion to its original position, lift up the seat cushion, then place the rear of the seat cushion at the base of the seat- back.

Rex accessories have been designed and approved for your vehicle, and are covered by warranty. Tighten the two screws and reinstall the covers. The first customizing menu is: The indicator in the related memory button to the remote comes on. The next supported track or file plays automatically. Also, your vehicle could easily slip off the jack and hurt you or someone else.


Put the undercover in place. To use it, pivot the armrest down. To get your radio I. Safety Labels If a label comes off or becomes hard to read except for the U.

Page Follow all load limits and other loading guidelines in this manual.

Check each of the large fuses in the under-hood fuse box by looking through the side window at the wire inside. Put on the spare tire. Torrance, CA Tel: Page Store the next six channels by repeating steps 2 and 3. Page Engine Oil Additives Your vehicle does not require any oil 22011.

Page PIN before it can be used. Page The rear seat armrest is in the center of the rear seat.