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2SC Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SC Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. isc Website: isc Silicon NPN Power Transistors. 2SC DESCRIPTION. ·Low Collector Saturation Voltage.: VCE(sat)= V(Max)@ IC= 6A. 2SC Datasheet PDF Download – Silicon NPN Epitaxial Type / High Current Switching Applications, 2SC data sheet.

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2SC3346 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

I would recommend a good used Tektronix or HP scope over a new scope of almost any other brand. Even better to remove it 2dc3346 measure it. Since the fuse doesn’t blow now you did replace it with one of the sameratings, right? However, devices with power switches that totallybreak the line connection are dafasheet robust since it takes much more voltageto jump the gap in the switch than to fry electronic parts.

If the prongs are made of solid metal, it may be possible to spread them apart – widen the space between them. TV prices have been dropping almost as fast as PC prices. Apparently, there is no known way around the need to keep the finewires from vibrating or changing position due to mechanical datashheet high resolution datasjeet and thus all Trinitron monitors require1, 2, or 3 stabilizing wires depending on tube size across the screen which can be see as very fine lines on bright images.

Monitors are more likely to have a separate power supply module. As always, mark the starting position ofall the rings and make sure you are adjusting the correct set if rings! The deflection yoke on the CRT has gotten rotated or was not oriented correctly at the time of the set’s manufacture.

In inside of a TV or monitor is datahseet placefor the careless or naive. However, these probably would not have blown the fuse inthe first place so are less likely.

Its uF value is therefore not critical. Dynamic convergence adjusts for coincidence at the edges and corners. Little parts may fit inmore than one place or orientation.


If there is a question, unsolderone side of each diode and check – should be in the Megohms or higher inone direction. In still otherdesigns, there is a separate switchmode power supply that provides some orall of these voltages.

This is the major avenue for the convection needed to cool internal components. Depending on the type,the base-emitter resistance may be high in one direction or around 50 ohms. I think I have an older Sylvania that does ratasheet sort of thing – don’treally know as I never use the power button on the set!

These circuits provide the waveforms needed to sweep the electron beam in the CRT from top to bottom and back 60 times 2c3346 second for NTSC. There you’ll findspecially educated people and the speed of the assembly line is a lot lowerthan usual. Also check to be sure the input voltage is solid -main filter capacitor is not dried up. You are going datashset need dataseet figure part of this out as I no longer have theschematics available.

This should get you close. There willbe 3 possibilities: These voltages will not be isolated from the line. If the voltage here isthenthere is a problem in the drive to the horizontal output circuit. Objects will change shades of colorwhen the move from one part of the screen to another.

The fuse should not blow with the transistor removed. If the set shuts down prior to getting the DC up enough then you’ve got problems in the horizontal section. The low voltage regulator may be letting the voltage rise excessively. Turn R, G, and B screen or background controls down. This may or may not be noticeable with the volume turned down.

If youdon’t need to remove the mainboard or replace the flyback or CRT, thenleave it alone and it should catasheet bite. Verify that the main filter capacitor is doing its job. It is probably best to face the set East-West front-to-back whenperforming any purity and 2ec3346 adjustments.


MetatagListe Neu

If these shifted, the the edges may have gotten messed up – wiggles, dips, concave or convex shapes. TV turns off after warming up: This is very important for safely working on live chassis equipment.

Various additional deflection signals to correct for the imperfections in the geometry of large angle deflection CRTs. There are usually several dtaasheet to theCRT and cabinet: Bad purity results in mottled or incorrect colors. Never release the power switch until you’re 4 or 5 feet away from the screen or you’ll have to start over. This will be the worst case.

While you are at it, check datasheft bad connections – prod the circuit board with aninsulated stick when the problem reoccurs – as these can cause parts tofail. Read, understand, and follow theset of safety guidelines provided later in this section whenever workingon TVs, monitors, or other similar high voltage equipment.

However, note that the discharge time constant with these may be a few seconds. A standby power supply for the microcontroller and remote sensor. There may be some interaction between size and linearity – a crosshatch test pattern is best for this. Repair of TVs, monitors,microwave ovens, and other consumer and industrial equipment can be bothrewarding and economical.

If you find one bad part, still check everything else as more than one partmay fail and just replacing one may cause it to fail again. This was exacerbated by the tendency torun them devices at very high brightness levels. There is no reason to suspect thatit will develop similar symptoms. Sometimes, just letting the dqtasheet around in your head will dxtasheet to a different more successfulapproach or solution.

Vertical and any convergence coils may or may not datwsheet problems as well.