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2SC Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SC Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. isc Website: isc Silicon NPN Power Transistors. 2SC DESCRIPTION. ·Low Collector Saturation Voltage.: VCE(sat)= V(Max)@ IC= 6A. 2SC Datasheet PDF Download – Silicon NPN Epitaxial Type / High Current Switching Applications, 2SC data sheet.

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2SC3346 Datasheet PDF

Monitoring the voltage on the relay coil assuming these is one could help determine what is happening. Then, turn down the bias controls for blue and green sothat you have a pure red raster.

Problems with SCR based regulators: You may never sleep again knowing thatyour TV picture datashest not perfect!

However, even if the access procedure is known, get the service manual or Sams’! The circuitry could have a problem.

Microwave ovens use the chassis as ground return for the high voltage. Pincushion amplitudeas its name implies, controls the size of the correction.

The startup circuit may operate off of the standby power supply orvoltage derived from non-isolated input. There is the added danger ofCRT implosion for carelessly dropped tools and often sharp sheetmetalshields which can injure if you should have a datasgeet reaction upon touchingsomething you should not touch. Similar comments to 2 above apply. The internal degaussing coil salvaged from a defunct TV doubled over to half it original diameter to increase its strength in series with a W light bulb for current limiting will work just fine.

2SC3346 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

However, note that the discharge time constant with these may be a few seconds. Be especially careful around the components onthe neck of the CRT – picture tube – as some of these are easily shiftedin position and control the most dreaded of adjustments – for color purityand convergence.


There might 2ac3346 be other symptoms like faint retrace lineson at least part of the screen. The detection circuit could be in the power supply or horizontal deflectionoutput circuit.

However, for most dramatic impact, a darkened environment may bepreferred. On older or cheap TVs with a knob tuner, this is usually mounted to the front panel by itself. Now, move the yoke forward until you have the best overall red purity.

Accurately mark the original datawheet – sometimes you will changesomething that will not have an obvious effect but will be noticeablelater on. Whenever working on precision equipment, make copious notes and diagrams. Objects will change shades of colorwhen the move from one part of the screen to another.

Supposedly, this led to an increased risk offire as well see the section: In a TV or monitor, if you are removing the high voltage connection to the CRT to replace the flyback transformer for example first discharge the CRT contact under the insulating cup at the end of the fat 2s3c346 wire.

These should be marked in the Sams’ Photofact or service manual.

2SC Datasheet pdf – Silicon NPN Power Transistors TOC package – Savantic

Modern computer monitors share many similarities withTVs but the multisync and high scan rate deflection circuitry and moresophisticated power supplies complicates their servicing. The horizontal component of the earth’s magnetic field affects this slgithly. Refer to your service manual. If the voltage here isthenthere is a problem in the drive to the horizontal output circuit.


2SC datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits Silicon NPN Power Transistors

This was exacerbated by the tendency torun them devices at very high brightness levels. If power is controlled by a hard switch – a pull or click knob, or mechanicalpush-push switch and this has become erratic due to worn contacts,replacements are available but often only directly from the originalmanufacturer to physically fit and where applicable have the volumeor other controls built in.

Yoke requires sawtooth waveform for linear vertical deflection. The vertical rateis not even equal to line frequency, datasheey Don’t turnanything – many critical adjustments masquerade as screws that just beg tobe tightened. The opposite order also works. 2sf3346 there is little or no load horizontal deflection not running at allvatasheet are off as well – the resistor that is likely across input-output willdominate and boost the voltage above the proper output for the regulatorchip.

Major parts of nearly all modern TVs and many 2ac3346 monitors are directlyconnected to the AC line – there is no power transformer to provide theessential barrier for safety and to minimize dagasheet risk of equipment damage. The deflection circuits must be synchronized and phase locked to theincoming video signal. However, most of the time, damage is minimal or at least easily repaired.

If there are any indications of humbars, first check the main filter capacitor s or substitute a knowngood one. If wiggling the cord has an effect,then the following are likely causes: