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Caractéristiques de la tétrode à faisceaux 6Π3C (6P3S): VA=V, VG2=V, VG1=V, IA=72mA, IG2=5V, S=6mA/V, K(µ)=, Ri=Ω, Ra=Ω. Some of the Russian designed 6p3s will work in place of 6L6GC, but not all of them – you. Seems to be something like a 6L6GB. I’ve found a spec sheet here: http://www. It looks like.

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That means they might draw 90ma per tube. Share This Page Tweet. Lots of people not only 6p3w them, but use them all the time.

Some of the Ebay ones look different. The 6L6GC came along in the late ’50s. It’s not a GC.

I tried and experiment a while back using a tweed princeton style circuit with beefed up transformers. Seems to be something like a 6L6GB. Yes, my password is: It’s one of the most common modern power tubes, Mike Matthews build an empire on the back of it. I’m a bit confused on how the 6p3s-e is the more robust tube when this spec chart lists it as having a far lower maximum plate voltage: As far as dissipation goes they’re no better than old 6L6Gs.


I think it is. I have used 6p3s-e looks like the on the picture above in a Fender Tubw II with V on the plates with no problems – just have to rebias the amp. Anyone wanna sell me “rare” 12AX7s for that price?

6P3S-E = 6L6 = 6L6GT = 6L6GC = 5881 tube. Output tetrode. Reflector plant

They tue fine at PV ofand sound pretty good. All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their time and effort to help the membership experience on TGP stay on the even keel. Sep 23, 2. Your don’t want 6L6Gs in most amps manufactured after I have used the Russian 6p3s-E, the coin based version and they’re totally different tubes, the “-E” tubbe is just a and are great tubes.

I have one, 6N3C, that I got cheap on an auction putting in an offer of a couple of bucks and no other bids. Do you already have an account?

6P3S / 6L6GT / 6L6 FOTON tube – POWER / OUTPUT tubes –

Mar 12, 7. Of course it’s going to half the output impedence from 8 to 4 ohm on a standard OT. In this configuration, the 6P3S tubes have a very sweet sound. Do you already have an account? Dec 12, 9. It’s the top spec 6L6. It is not a 6L6GC. For comparison a crude old Coke bottle 6L6G dissipates around 19 watts.


The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians. I’ve found a spec sheet here: I tueb about the 6p3s in another thread, but no one answered so 6p3e thought maybe this was a better place. Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. Remember, you’ll have the same current draw and impedance issues with the 6P3S-E that you would with any 6L6.

Keep the voltage low and make sure your power transformer is big enough. Lots of them cheap on ebay, but hard to find true matched pairs. Sep 23, 3. Search Media New Media. No, create an account now. The -E version are great tubes. Mar 12, 6.