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Ranger did miss the most out of all 3.

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Only noted the second test down. AP obviously works Although we could probably use some minor damage buffs on some skills.

Blader with 4 DP. Let’s look at this for a second. N’ayez pas peur du changement et rejoignez-nous! My Witch with the same gear can take more hits. Go To Topic Listing General. Same goes for my attack speed on divider, and ao debuff on Draw Claw.

No heilan used in the test.

This xp have completely 0 balance melee vs ranged characters. So does DP give actual defense toward attacks? Both are able to take more hits than Musa. Less AP ungodly higher base. This shows that the skills seem to be scaling damage correctly, but the base damage is abysmal Either way this is the current math. With 0 DP same sorc did damage per hit. Something is really weird here indeed.

Actually Tiger Stance in general just doesn’t do damage. More Activity Stream Status Updates. Personally I missblink and die. We need to move or die. While other cancels are functioning, don’t 78050 the same way Phantom animation cancelled does not reduce targets MP on Musa. Some of the posters will be doing some tests to give us and the CMs a deeper insight into the situation, If you yourself would like to do some testing 7005 post your results you are welcome to.

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Maybe something happened to a certain wave of characters made at a time? Each using their best attacks. Start spreadsheet or something on google, record hits and the damage each did, do reasonable sample sizes.

Musas are currently the squishiest class in the game with only one I frame every four seconds. Don’t even need to say it. This is after maint. Need to move around the most, but took care of them in skills.

Except actual math 87005 been posted; although the thread is extremely long now, so let me copy and paste it here. I’ve noticed taking MORE damage from the same mobs as I’ve been leveling up melee evasion, and enchanting my gear. There was also a notable amount of dodges with the armor on. Honest seriously intended questions. When I took all my gear off other than weapon, I still took dmg per swing.

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As an example here’s the speed of a Musa Chase Canceling in the current KR patch throughout the video mind you Valk defense isn’t balanced around I frames where bladers is.

At this point you can use math to determine if your skills are doing appropriate damage, as well as find your base damage across multiple sets of AP. So for me at least there is a huge difference with and without armorhowever I can’t tell if these values are “normal” for that amount of DP don’t have another lvl 53 character to test with. Enjoy and see you on the other side! Maybe its just the way the class is, like each class has hidden default stats, something like; Total Stat: And yes there is something really weird going on.


Posted 27 Apr Which is the saddest thing ever, considering they were all using the same armor.

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Which isn’t entirely accurate because you can be far away and then heal up your entire HP bar without using pots. That being said I am not discrediting anyone else possibly having an issue. I can confirm that DP are bugged. It’s more than just the DP.

You’re complaining as a level 50 getting shrekt by mobs meant for higher than you I found that my Sorceress, with 98DP this number includes dark armor buff would take less damage from a wizards back attack than my plum with DP.

AP – Whiteboard Erasers Mini Pack 10 – Emojis | Edsco

At least, it has an iframe. In between we just tickle. I got DP on my Musa atm and I noticed shadow knights hit 7005 pretty hard.

Which classes are those? I’ve also noticed through testing that Chase and Chase canceling seems to be a bit bugged in our version of the game, I don’t know if it’s been mentioned in this thread yet though.