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Hans Peter Luhn; Published in IBM Journal of Research and Business Intelligence Systems: State-of-the-art Review and Contemporary Applications. Business Intelligence has empowered organizations to derive data-driven IBM computer scientist Hans Peter Luhn, that the potential of BI was recognized. The article, titled “A Business Intelligence System”, described “an. Luhn, H.P. () A Business Intelligence System. IBM Journal of Research and Development, 2,

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A Business Intelligence System – Beautiful Data [Book]

Document input Each document entering the system shown in Fig. The machine-readable transcripts of these documents are then described in connection with the document input. As soon as the auto-abstract has been created, ouhn statistical data are further processed to derive an information pattern which characterizes the document.

Reading the article over fifty years later, one is stuck by the prescient nature of the system he proposed. A number of additional useful functions which may be derived from the system are briefly described here. Efficient communication is a key to progress in all fields of human endeavor.

Today’s SDI systems owe a great deal to a paper by Luhn, “A Business Intelligence System”, [5] which described an “automatic method to provide current awareness services to scientists and engineers” who needed help to cope with the rapid post-war growth of petter and technical literature.

The older the profile pattern, the closer an agreement intelligece needed for selection for dissemination, and consequently the fewer documents are selected. The availability of documents in machine-readable form is a basic requirement of the system.

Index lookup in a thesaurus-like dictionary will replace words, including those of foreign languages, by a notional family designation. These photocopies are then delivered to the action point. The resulting patterns are then stored in the Pattern Storage area in a special profile-storage device. The tape or film transcript of the document may be stored in a library for reference if it later becomes necessary to change the method or scope of encoding.


Beautiful Data by Toby Segaran, Jeff Hammerbacher

Undoubtedly the most formidable communications problem is the sheer bulk of information that has to be dealt with. The use of individual printing devices is more effective than are centrally located devices serving several action points.

This query document is transmitted to the auto-encoding device in machine-readable form. As even Howard businezs Some of these are listed systfm. In view of the present growth trends, automation appears to offer the most efficient methods for retrieval and dissemination of this information.

An information busuness is then derived from the query document in a manner similar to that used for normal documents. Because of variation of word usage amongst authors the normalization of such words becomes an important function of encoding.

This is accomplished by means buiness an information pattern similar to that of the documents. Start Free Trial No credit card required. The usual type of question asked is: Document output The functions described so far have concerned themselves with documents admitted or acquired by the system from the outside. The function of information retrieval, however, differs from that of dissemination in that the choice is not that of accepting or rejecting one document, but rather a selection of one or several from a special group of potentially relevant documents.

Some of these are listed below: These are the action points previously referred to. Whenever a profile agrees to a ysstem extent with a given document pattern, the serial number, title, and author of the affected document, together with the action-point profile designation, are transferred and stored in a monitoring device. An acceptance is made at an action point by dialing the document number, prefixed by a code symbol, whereupon hxns monitor will instruct the microcopy storage device to produce a photocopy of the complete document, properly marked with the action-point designation.


His inventions have found applications in diverse areas like computer science, the textile industry, linguistics, and information science.

An action point telephones the librarian and states the information wanted. As an alternative the resulting pattern may be rearranged and be distributed over a storage array to permit random access according to characteristics. The system is not to impose conditions on its user which require special training to obtain its services. In this capacity it will transmit the serial number, title and author of the document in question to the desk printer at the selected action point and keep a record of this transaction.

The type of equipment required for processing information in accordance with the system is presently available as far as the functions are concerned. Depending on the intelligennce of each of these patterns, an adjustment is made on the fraction of similarity that must be met in the comparison process of new documents. It also appears quite feasible to share the system equipment among a number of organizations.