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These are generated by the universal configuration of the social giola inside Internet: Human communication was analyzed also from the perspectives of other sciences. At other times, a group of people might not have the power to make the final decision but may possess an ability to influence those with final decision-making power.

Both classical rhetoric and its modern developments can be used successfully in the framing of disruptive events or crises by employing the concepts associated to the rhetorical situation kairos and stasis and by acting upon the lines of argument engendered by them in order to recover or diminish the damages to the reputation ethos of the organization. He is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania, where he teaches sociology.

In some ways it is very possible that this study is maybe the first attempt to draw a systematic view upon this issue even if, we do not contest this, in Romanian media there were numerous articles and positions which tackled this topic extensively.

Its management is rated as a service of public interest accountable to the national Parliament, which must endorse the annual financial and editorial report during a joint session of thee two chambers. In the United Kingdom, communication science is related to cultural studies, the origins of that theoretical framework is Birmingham. Firstly, although we analyze a fact of science communication and not one of research, the extraordinary scientific results which have been obtained with the help of the data collected by the Hubble telescope offer an important fundament upon which the communication strategy of these accomplishments was later built.

Thus, while in the central media, financial motivation is very strong due to advertising, sponsors and investments, in the local or regional media, the budget fiolaa limited.


Calaméo – PCTS 6_

The mix between the principles of popular culture and the Public Understanding of Science PUS movement represents the theoretical foundation of an active and efficient communication strategy, intended for the promotion of a positive attitude among the public towards the opportunities of scientific research.

He is one of the editors of the international journal Fachsprache and member of a number of editorial boards of international journals. Some political cleansing was performed by the centre right coalition that won the elections at the end ofalthough many of the Western governments had initially hailed its victory at the polls as the first democratic, peaceful change of guard since the fall of communism.

Sheer misperception of anchoring has pushed employers and producers to promote on the screen nice-looking young people with little or no journalistic experience. Studia Ephemerides and Journal of Media Research, the last one publishing papers mainly in English or in foreign languages.

The Western rhetoric tradition, as seen by Kennedy, mainly built by men, predisposes the European and American citizens to consider the cincsa based on arguments as a main fundament of rhetorical discourse.

This dissociation argues that a person or group within the organization is responsible for the crisis, not the entire organization. The emergence of the new digital platforms, a diversified number of approaches and providers cannot filoa too much a rather crowded info sphere. Adela Rogojinaru emphasized the difference between corporate communication and public communication. The opening of the conference was streamed live, allowing thus an increased participation to the plenary sessions which set the tone and cinceaa level of presentations.

This is the result of cinceea growth and development of the media industry in Romania. As starting points of corporate discourse, the two terms prove to be particularly relevant. The heroic image is, as it has been mentioned before, a main element in the construction of the documentary. By implementing Hubble 15th Anniversary projectthe European Space Agency ESA follows the new realities of Public Relations and science communication which apply to research institutes concerned with astronomy.

Thirdly and in addition to cihcea has been said so far, we can mention a very particular style, so to speak, in which Romanian politicians are used to behave during talk shows on television channel, especially during electoral campaigns.


The last one is formed and functions according to other rules than the physical ones Diola Under these circumstances, we fkola a research design for content analysis over the communication processes of the Facebook student group, during the winter semester of their 1st year of study. She is a member of the European Communication and Research Association, vice-president of the Alliance of Universities for Democracy, vice-president of the Association for Romanian Media History, vicepresident of the Centre for Ethical Resources and Initiatives and a member of the Association for Professors in Journalism and Communication.

PCTS 6_2013

Figure 4 — Weekly distribution of posts by days Thus, we can encounter a peak on Wednesday that can be associated with the cince of the availability of the group members.

PUS was intended as a PR instrument from the very beginning, aiming to maintain a trustworthy relationship of the research institutions with their various publics, which they now identified as being relevant, having the power to take public decisions on cimcea the development of the research sector depended. Our study intends to make a step further in building a conceptual analysis and elaborate general coordinates for the analysis of the contemporary Romanian public political discourse and of the concern of politicians regarding their public image.

He analyzed more than successful companies in search for good practices. The science of media is part of humanities. Not only the media has changed, but also the way people relate to media has changed. Introduction As far as our knowledge in concerned, at this moment, there are no systematic academic studies about the way in which the public communication is developed in Romania at the level of public space by the politicians and, in general, by any form of an official authority of the state.

Now new practices and procedures fall with unpredictable outcome over different media soils and they adapt or are rejected, according to local cultures and communicational habits. Corporate apologia can be applied in specific crisis communication cases.