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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Accutire MS When you read the manual it clearly says the lithium batter should last a very long time, . While manual tire gauges seem flimsy, sometimes stick, and can give Accutire’s MSB digital tire gauge is an important piece of. accutire ms manual accutire msb manual accutire change battery accutire r accutire digital tire gauge with lcd display.

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The quality of the Accutire’s head is far superior to the head of the stick-type gauges It worked for me. The Accutire also delivers impressive consistency: If you continue to use this site manaul will assume that you are happy with it.

Accutire’s MSB digital tire gauge is an important piece of equipment for any driver.

The ergonomic design gives the gauge a quality feel and the aluminum case will protect it in the years ahead. About Me accutite View my complete profile.

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Site info Autopart show review tip Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Accutire’s digital gauge costs more than a manual gauge, but with its lifetime lithium battery, it’s going to last you a long, long time. Solid Design The MSB has a unique, ergonomic design that allows you to maintain a firm grip while checking your tires.


But doesn’t work all that great measuring the air pressure in your tires. The ergonomic design gives the gauge a accutre feel and the aluminum case will protect it in the years ahead.

The case that the Accutire comes in is pretty nice. Because you’re pressing plastic the gauge against metal the tire air stemyou must hold it perfectly flush or air will escape, making a reading difficult to get. I have now experienced a couple of weeks of use, during which I have had the opportunity to employ a tire gauge accutire than usual due to “operator learning curve” problems associated with setting up the on-board tire pressure sensor in a new Toyota. Get something thinner if you can.

While manual tire gauges seem flimsy, sometimes stick, and can give inconsistent results, Accutire’s digital gauge is a well-made, confidence-inspiring instrument. September 30, – Posted by izakub Uncategorized. I’ve had 3 of these and have given 2 as gifts. Maybe the other two are the ones that are “off,” but. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter manul comment here I only recently came up with this idea, so the 2 I’ve given as gifts have probably gotten little use because of this “flaw”.

The head is more solidly built than most other tire gauges, and allows for a good seating on the valve stem to reduce the possibility of escaping air and an incorrect measurement.


Car’s Tires Tool and Equipment: Accutire MS Backlit Lithium Digital Tire Gauge

No more fiddling to get an airtight fit. I highly recommend modifying the gauge before giving them away.

In fact there is no rubber at all. The case looks great and protects it for many years to come. The thickness is important. It compact gauge stores easily in our glove box. I used “3M Scotch linerless rubber splicing tape”. Easy to Read The Accutire’s large back-lit LCD screen is easy to read, whether you’re standing in pitch-black darkness or in bright daylight.

I decided, since we have two cars, to get one of each, so I could keep one in each car. The Accutire also delivers impressive consistency: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The Accutire obtains a good seal far more quickly.

Correct tire pressure helps your vehicle travel efficiently, reduces wear on your tires, and keeps your gas mileage optimal.

See all tire gauge accutire digital gauge other gadget car tool gift idea 40000 gear garbage. They both sounded good, although I was a little troubled by some of the reviews of the Accutire.

It has a convenient pocket clip. This Accutire gauge offers a faster tire pressure read due to two things.