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Footer Header utils: import nt; import Element; import ; import Text . When creating PDF documents, the first thing we usually do, is create a header and footer for every page. Adding an image to the header, helps. This page will provide the tutorial for how to add header and footer in every page of PDF using iText in java. iText provides.

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You use this rectangle to position the header and the footer. Use that example as inspiration. You add the content in the first pass and the header or footer in a second pass. Retrieving the value of X is easy. In the first cell, you add the text for the header. The header and footer are written to the direct content in the onEndPage method. If you don’t need a Page X of Y header or footer. You can define a bottom border for each cell so that the header is underlined.

Adding page events to PdfWriter iText 5.

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There are two ways to solve this problem.

Cooter 19, Bilesh Ganguly 1, 1 15 This is the ideal place for any finalizations and to release resources if necessary. Initially you added custom features to Chunk, Paragraph, topic, and Section objects.


The main difference is one extra feature, demonstrated itexy figure 5. The parameters writer and document are to be used in the same way as done in section 5. The PDF document we generated contains foter clean header with an image.

Post as a guest Name. Here you can see the result. Gilles-Antoine Nys 1, 8 January 19, NOTE When the document is closed, the newPage method is triggered to perform finalizattions on the current page.

Add Header and Footer in PDF Using iText in Java

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Even if the content stream of the first page has already been sent to the OutputStream, the content added to the template afterwards will still be addng on the first page. I get an error with: After an intermezzo about pagination, involving reordering pages, adding blank pages, and defining page boundaries, you used a second series of page events to solve a number of common issues: Nov 30 ’16 at When you read a PDF document on screen, you usually hit a key, heaedr a button, or use a scrollbar to go to the next page.

Part 3 will teach you these essential iText skills. Email Required, but never shown. First, take a look at the footer: The default duration of a transition is 1 second. I have a problem with the footer, because it overlaps the text that I put in the body of the document. The third cell is special: Sign up using Facebook. The text addin be put under the actual content of the page, as a centered String. By extending from this class and overriding these methods, we can write additional data to the PDF document when these events occur.


Otherwise the object is kept in memory until you close the Document.

Adding page events to PdfWriter (iText 5)

When newPage is called, the page number is augmented, so you need to use writer. Consider it more safe to reserve the onEndPage method for adding content. In the previous example, you added a header and footer with the showTextAligned method. In the second cell, you add “page X of ” where X is the value returned by writer.

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Then you learned how to use the PdfPageEvent interface. You only need to add one extra page event, the Watermark class.

You created several “Hello World” examples fooer demonstrated the famous “five steps” that were used in every example of part 1.

Note that you ask the writer for the art box rectangle using the getBoxSize method. Do not use this method to add content. Otherwise, the getBoxSize method will return null. When creating PDF acdingthe first thing we usually do, is create a header and footer for every page.