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What are the benefits of chanting Aditya Hrudayam Stotram? start for office. especially [atleast] from the sloka जयाय जयभद्राय हर्याश्वाय नमो नमः |. Thank you a Barade A2A Aadhithya Hrdhayam is SMRITHI (Man-Made ) —Sage Agasthya to Lord —NOT ZRUTHI (Vedam) —There are NO. Adityahridayam (or Ādityahṛdayam or Adithya Hrudayam) is a devotional hymn associated with Aditya or the Sun God (Surya) and was recited by the sage.

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We also see the same colours in the Rainbow. Sunday is very dearer to Aditya. The essence of sloma cosmic colour therapy is that the deficiency of colour and the reduction of them cause ill health.

Om sarve bhavantu sukhinah universal prayer [mantra]. When cotton is plugged, every day the cotton has to be replaced. If you chant three times for sure you will be the conquer of this battle.

The water prepared though the Sun rays in a white bottle is very beneficial. Depending upon the types of disease pure water is filled in the different coloured bottles, and the Sun rays are being attracted through the bottles into the water, and given to the diseased for few days and there by the colours in their body is recouped and health is restored. This ray will remove the mental agitations of the people and grants all auspiciousness and peace.

Salutations to the Lord who rises from the mounts of east and sets on mounts of west, Salutations sloma the Lord of the stellar bodies and to the Lord of daylight. Salutations also to the annihilator of the ungrateful and to the Lord of all the stellar bodies, who is the first amongst all the lights of the Universe.

The Samba purana declared that Samba the son of Jambavati could get himself cured of his leprosy by worshipping Lord Surya. Bronchitis, head ache, urinary disorders, small pox, filarial Elephantasis. So by the Heart of Aditya is meant adiya inner and unchanging witness of all thoughts, words and deeds, whose nature is the all-pervading Light of Consciousness. The mystical hymn is dircted to the Sun God, the illustrious lord of all victories. Agastya Maharshi says to Rama that “you would kill Ravana within a moment,” and left that battlefield, Agastya had come to Rama to teach this holy hymn of Son Adityx.


From this ray Sukra and Sani have originated.

Satrajit obtained Syamantaka-mani by worshipping Surya. The Aditya Hridayam, is a hymn in glorification of the Sun or Surya and was recited by the great sage Agastya to Lord Rama on the battlefield before fighting with Ravana.

He pervades all with immeasurable amount of rays.

Aditya Hridayam Stotram

He has seven horses symbol of seven lokas. Sage Agastya approached Rama and spoke as follows: He is a giver of heat, the cause of all work, of life and death. Due to this ray, all Stars Nakshatras are born. By this treatment certain specific diseases and other common ailments are cured.

Lord Surya, ruler of the universe, you are the remover of all diseases, the repository of peace I bow to you. Do worship Adity by chanting this prayer with even minded. Verily he is the Agnihotrathe sacrificial fire and the fruit gained by the worshipper of the agnihotra.

Slokas: Aditya Hrudayam

Behind the all Vedas, Yagas and fruits of all yagas and results of all actions of the world is Sun God only, he is the omnipresent. The benefit of Aditya Hridaya Stotra recitation. Sun is the cause of rain. Due to chromopathy hernia will be cured. After blessing Lord Rama thus, and predicting that He would slay the demon Ravana, sage Agastya took leave and returned to his original place.

Jayaya jaya bhadraya haryashvaya namo namah namo namah sahasramsho adityaya namo namah Surya Bhagavan is the person that activates the functions of these organs. Having a Chariot with this name he is called as Sapta Sapti.

The Nectar given by the fullmoon to all the panis bestows on them hricayam happiness and pleasure.

Salutations to the one whose appearance makes the lotus blossom also the awakener of the lotus in the heart. The Vedas declare, that the colours embeded in the Sun rays cure all diseases. The system of curing the diseases with the different colours of cosmic rays and its benefits hridayyam detailed.


Salutations to the Lord of the Stellar bodies and to the Lord of daylight.

Aditya Hridayam – The Heart of Aditya, the Sun God

He has a Horse by name Sapta. Pray him who has green horses and the bestower of victory, auspiciousness and prosperity. He is golden source knowledge, prosperity. He alone creates, sustains and destroys all that has come into being.

He is the maruths who are responsible for breeze, He is the wind God, He is the fire God, and he is the Manu, Vayu the wind GodAgni the fire GodPrana the Life breath of all beingsthe maker of six seasons and the giver of light. Salutation to Him who is the inspiration to Trimurtis Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha and inspiration to all creatures, salutation to who is fierce like Rudra at the end of the creation.

By worshipping this planet all hurdles, obstructions, opposition will be removed and success is achieved. The skin has wheatish colour, hair black, eye balls and teeth whitel the other organs too has different colours in the body. Among them sukra is responsible for Virya sperm Sukra is incharge of humans procreation and also his ray brings death.

He nourishes and energizes the inhabitants of all the worlds as well as the host of Gods and demons by his Rays. The moon has originated from this ray.

The method of Suryopasana is said as Naturopathy. With the grace of Gods he encourages Rama with his meditation power. This is stated in Bhagavata. He is the God Sadhya, Ashwini devatas Gods of health. Violet, are the seven horses of Surya.