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AFMAN , CD BASIC. USAF SUPPLY MANUAL. 1 April FOREWORD . (Summary of Changes Included). Volumes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 (HQ AFMC). Apr 1, AIR FORCE MANUAL , VOLUME 2,. PART 13 . AFMAN which are on file in Base Supply. Manual Supply Accounting Record. tional structure and procedures are outlined in the various volumes and parts of AFMAN , The. USAF Supply Manual. Scope. The procedures.

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Troubleshoots and resolves all system related issues.

Standard functional responsibilities, which can bedelayed or omitted during war, are coded according to chapter 32, section 32B, Wartime Processing. Carry out all Operations Officer duties when no Operations Officer is assigned.

Ifno qualified candidates meet this requirement, SSgts who have completed 7-level upgrade actionsmay be appointed by commander waiver. Retrieved from ” http: Respond to customer logistics concerns andproactively anticipates problems that could stand in the way of wing mxnual fulfilling mission requirements.

Prepare and publish inventory schedules for all categories of property outlined in Chapter 10,Table 10C Serves as Unit Resource Advisor and facilities manager. When unscheduled downtime requires remedial maintenance, theSSOO works with the CSB and local communication personnel if applicable to repair the terminal.

Inform maintenance personnel of errors so they can correct their records or initiate othercorrective action. This section ensuresstandardized, repeatable, technically compliant process execution, while promoting a culture of professionalexcellence and personal responsibility, in accordance with AFILogistics ComplianceAssessment Program LCAP and other relative instructions. Maintains squadron recall rosters and also manages the squadronWRM program.

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Customer Support Section serves as the materiel managementliaison and equipment accountability authority for wing customers. Key materiel management responsibilities are: Refer to the various chapters withinthis manual for detailed procedures and processes for all duties not specifically mentioned.


The general roles and responsibilities of these activities are explained in this chapter,while specific responsibilities are described throughout the manual. Responsible for the Inventory Adjustment Register M Submit follow-up to LRS for requisitions with unacceptable status or unacceptableestimated delivery dates. Carries out all Logistics Manager duties when no Logistics Manager is assigned. Identify supply related training needs to maintenance work center supervisors. Conduct all physical inventories of warehouse assets, to include supply points, ReadinessSpares package, and WRM assets, with augmentation from Asset Management Section personnel.

Civilian QA evaluators must have experience in the functional discipline they areresponsible for evaluating. The UCC may be staffed by permanent personnel with augmentation duringcontingencies and surge operations. Allocate these resources togain maximum mission effectiveness. This chapter implements the standard organization, roles and responsibilities of the LogisticsReadiness Squadron LRS supply related functions as identified in the PAD to include squadronleadership, the Materiel Management Flight, and other functional flights.

The contractor shall provide all resources and services necessaryto perform their functional responsibilities as defined in the applicable SOW. In additionthe MSL will: Responsible for all the warehouse surveillance type programs shelf-life, functional check, TCTOs, etc….

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Ensure the proper storage and handling of controlled materiel to afmna the identification ofpersonnel authorized to perform materiel management functions for these items. Ensure that all items are stored and handled according to DoD and AF technical orders, manuals, anddirectives.

Provide oversight and guidance to storage elements to ensure compliance with DoD, AirForce, and other applicable guidance.

Recommends, in coordination with the UDM and squadron leadership, assignment of squadronpersonnel to deployment positions for commander approval and coordinates on all AEF taskings.

Satellite supply accounts are not authorized a deputy satellite Logistics ReadinessSquadron Commander. Coordinate with customers to obtain mission impact statements to substantiate supplyassistance requests.


Refer toand series instructions for detailed deployments, distribution and vehicle management procedures andprocesses. Accountable Officer responsibilities and signature authority are non-delegated requirements. Make sure the tags, labels, and markings, which indicate identity and condition, areattached to property.

Compile a listing of these items and ensure organization section code “DN” isloaded as the repair section on the repair cycle record. Logistics Readiness Squadron Organization. FirstSergeants provide sound advice to commanders on a wide range of topics including morale, discipline,mentoring, well being, recognition programs, and the professional development of enlisted members. However, if the squadron commander elects to identify such an individual asthe Squadron Superintendent, the following applies: Organizations without a Squadron Superintendent will assign duties referenced above to theOperations Officer.

This section specifies the responsibilities and dutiesof the flight commander, the flight superintendent and each subordinate section and element. Maximize and support the use of Air Force approved automated tools. Responsible for overall training management for all assignedAFSCs. Sign In Don’t have an account? Unserviceable items are managed from the time the faulty part is removed until it is repaired,designated not repairable this station, or condemned. Training is provided by the residentexperts within the specific elements.

Responsible for the leadership, supervision, and training ofall assigned personnel. Manage flight programs such as rejects, document control, asset redistribution, etc.

Provide home-station training and use of degraded operation processingto ensure hands-on experience for LRS personnel. This section describes the role and responsibilities of satellite LRS Commanders,and satellite supply operations officers.