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AG-HPX – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Recorder “ P2 portable deck” AJ-HPM AG-HPD24 Advanced P2 Mobile with Versatile. Panasonic AG-HPD24 Memory Card Portable Recorder Built-in 9-inch LCD monitor with clip thumbnail preview. May get in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia . Review Panasonic AG-HPD The AG-HPD24 supports /24p native recording and playback with the AVC-Intra codec. . User Manual PDF mb.

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You can select from three different options: This makes it easy to gather and display clips for broadcasting or editing. This intraframe codec offers extremely high-quality compression that produces high-definition files whose quality can stand firm against multiple post-production passes. It also features an aspect conversion function.

Panasonic AG-HPX371 AG-HPX371EJ User Manual

It is also compatible with 3D images. Depending on the number of the clips to be recorded, the recordable time may be shorter than the times given. For Long And Trouble-free Operation Not supported in 3D mode close.

This automatically detects the video format and codec for each video clip to play back and output. The advanced GUI ag-pd24 the clip properties on the same screen as the clips and clearly shows the source data — with scroll bar, clip count and playback position — at a glance. Displaying The Thumbnail Screen Detailed Warning And Error Information About Ag-hpc24 Card Recording Times Don’t have an account?


AVC-Intra mode features high-quality 24 bit digital audio recording.

Only cross-conversion is available in 3D mode. Not including support legs: The simplified editing function is not supported in 3D mode. This function automatically starts recording in response to SDI video input. Variable Speed Playback Selecting And Deselecting Clips Reconnecting Incomplete Clips This function continuously records video data onto available memory card areas. When combined with an IT-based workflow that requires no dubbing, P2 cards can greatly reduce storage media expenses.

Panasonic AG-HPD24 Memory Card Portable Recorder

Usb Device Mode External storage of 2 TB or more cannot be used. When recording or previewing a clip, you ag-hdp24 attach a memo similar to a bookmark at a desired location up to locations on a frame basis.

Inserting A P2 Card Also, the left image is output during 3D mode.

They can also be easily checked on a diagnostic display. Thumbnail Screen Names And Functions This mode delivers video quality very similar to that of DVCPRO HD with x pixels, yet is able to do so at bit rates usually mahual with standard definition e.


Selecting Sync Pb Mode This function lets you browse and edit metadata, such as the name of the camera operator and reporter, shooting location ag-hhpd24 text memos. Repairing Bad Clips Important Safety Instructions Playback Connection Example Use the latest P2 viewer version.

A P2 viewer that is not 24 bit compatible will not produce normal sound.

Settings must be made on the menu screen system frequency mode. AVC-Intra 50’s lower bit rate doubles the recording time and cuts the data transfer time in half 1 Please Note: Charging The Battery A software keyboard is also provided.

Recording Connection Example Regarding This Unit Attaching Text Memos Removing P2 Cards External remote control is also possible via the RSA terminal. Using A Battery P2 playback is based on disk drive performance, including spindle speed.