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Aeschines: Against Timarchus [ BCE]. Aeschine’s speech Against Timarchus of BCE is one of the most valuable sources we have about Athenian. Access. Via Perseus Philologic. Aeschines. Against Timarchus. Perseus under Philologic. University of Chicago. 7 October (). In Against Timarchus, Aeschines introduces the argument of sections. 72 to 93 with an unusual exclamation. He claims that his oppo- nents will ask why he is not.

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For in addition to all the rest that is bad in him, this Demosthenes is an ill- mannered and boorish sort of person. For you shall hear first a review of the laws that have been laid down to govern the orderly conduct of your children, then the laws concerning the lads, and next those concerning the other ages in succession, including not only private citizens, but the public men as well.

But to prove, further, that his father had lent money to certain men, and that Timarchus collected and has spent it, I will call as witnesses for you Metagenes of Sphettus, who owed more than thirty minas, and paid to the defendant what was still due at his father’s death, seven minas.

Although I could name many others, I will stop, lest I seem to be in a way courting timadchus favour by my praise.

More- 1 In ti. By the new law, for every meeting of the assembly one tribe is to be chosen by lot to have charge of the speaker’s platform, and to preside. Demosthenes, pretending to be a lover of his, invited the young man to this intimacy, filling him up with empty hopes, assuring him that without any delay whatever he should become the foremost man in public life, and he showed him a list of names.

His humiliation was such that he left the city. I said in my review of Yunis’ edition of Demosthenes 18 Cambridge: Finally, he regulates zgainst companionships that the boys may form at school, and their cyclic dances.

To prove that I speak the truth please call Philemon, who paid over the money, and Leuconides, the brother-in-law of Philotades, and read the copy of the agreement by which he effected the sale of the case.


Thus it appears,fellow citizens, that what is so frequently said of public suits agaunst no mistake, namely, that very often private enmities correct public abuses.


But when these re- sources had been wasted and gambled away and eaten up, and this defendant had lost his youthful charm, and, as you would expect, no one would any longer give him anything, while his lewd and depraved nature constantly craved the same indul- gences, and with excessive incontinence kept making demand after demand upon him, then, at last, in- cessantly drawn back to his old habits, he resorted to the devouring of his patrimony.

By Poseidon, a fine home this city will be for us, if when we our- selves know that a thing has been done in fact, we are to ignore it unless some man come forward here and testify to the act in words as explicit as they must be shameless. For the man who practises this thing with one person, and practises it for pay, seems to me to be liable to precisely this charge. Timarchus, who once used to stay at the house of Euthydicis the physician, became intimate with me, and I hold him today in the same esteem as in all my past acquaintance with him.

Again, that the herm called “the Herm of Andocides” is not that of Andocides, but a votive offering of the tribe Aegeis. My sire Menoetius brought me, a little lad, from home, From Opus, to your house, for sad bloodshed, That day, when, all unwitting, in childish wrath About the dice, I killed Amphidamas’ son.

The Internet Classics Archive | Against Timarchus by Aeschines

At his invi- tation some of his pupils are here in court to listen to him. He forbids the teacher to open the school- room, or the gymnastic trainer the wrestling school, before sunrise, and he commands them to close the doors before sunset ; for he is exceeding suspicious of their being alone with a boy, or in the dark with him.

The main puzzles of the piece are two: At the close of the year, after a public exhibition of their military attainments, they received a shield and spear from the state, and then were sent out for another year to garrison the forts and patrol the borders.


Or many others, whose names I am willing to forget? The rather large jury would then vote. And I can point to a piece of evidence which seems to me very weighty and tangible. I know too well the man is such As is the company he loves to keep. Ask not, then, where it was that you practised it, but make this your defence, that you have never done the thing. In the higher forms of reasoning he is less successful.

Journal Entries

And they came to a settlement. In the second place, look at the case in the light, not of the present moment, but of the time that is past. The man is our friend Hegesandrus there, a man now, though he too used to be a woman, Laodamas’s woman; as for the woman, she is Timarchus yonder.

You know, fellow citizens, Crito, son of Astyochus, Pericleides of Perithoedae, Polemagenes, Pantaleon, son of Cleagoras, and Timesitheus the runner, men who were the most beautiful, not only among their fellow citizens, but in all Hellas, men who counted many a man of eminent chastity as lover; yet no man ever censured them.

So he became prompter and teacher of the young man in conduct which has made Aristarchus an exile from his fatherland, [] while Demosthenes, getting hold of the money that was to support him in in his banishment, has cheated him out of three talents, and, at the hands of Aristarchus, Nicodemus of Aphidna has met a violent death, poor man! But what he is guilty of having done after he had reached years of discretion, when he was already a youth, and knew the laws of the state, that I will make the object of my accusation, and to that I call upon you to give serious attention.

Be tov diro- retaai elfyvOrjra. Whether Demosthenes appeared as part of Timarchus’ defence has been a contentious issue for some time, but F.