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AGMA 2004-B89 PDF

ANSI/AGMA C08 includes updated and extensively revised information from ANSI/AGMA B89 along with additional information needed to achieve . Download ANSI-AGMA B Gear Materials and Heat Treatment Manual. Index of AGMA Standards and Information Sheets by Number. 1 ANSI/AGMA B89 Gear Materials and Heat. Treatment Manual.

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For induction hardening, the kW or power capacity of the equipment limits the pattern which can be attained.

Nitride hardening can 20044-b89 be achieved with the ion nitriding process. Care should be exercised to maintain surface integrity during cooling or in tempering for subsequent machining. Quenched and tempered gearing changes size and distorts due to mechanical and thermal stresses and microstructural transformations. Outside Diameter of Casting, in mm To 12 Over 12 to 36 Over 36 to 60 Over 60 Number of Hardness Tests 1 2 4 8 When eight hardness tests are specified, they shall be made 90 degrees apart on both cope and drag side.

Grain size is specified as either coarse grain size 1 through 4 or fine grain size 5 through 8determined according to ASTM E Cast Iron is the generic term for atma family of high carbon, silicon, iron alloys. Cases shallower than 0. The amount and direction of growth or movement should be determined for each part by dimensional analyses both prior to and after nitriding.

The material selection includes ferrous, nonferrous and nonmetallic materials. Improved cleanliness reduced nonmetallic inclusion content results in improved transverse ductility and impact strength, but machinability may be reduced; for example, with sulfur content less than 0.


Bearing diameters of shaft extensions are often ground after nitriding with 2004-g89 minimum stock provided. Nitrided gears are used on applications where thin, high hardness cases can withstand applied loads. Pearlite microstructures are desirable. agmaa

Item Detail – ANSI/AGMA C08 (reaffirmed March )

The carbonitrided case has better wear and temper resistance than a straight carburized case. However, sulfur, lead and calcium inclusions which improve machinability can decrease mechanical properties, particularly in the transverse direction. Machinability of Common Gear Materials. Contour induction hardening of tooth profiles produce less distortion and growth than spin hardening methods. Standards Agmma from ANSI provides a money-saving, multi-user solution for accessing standards.

ANSI-AGMA 2004-B89-1995 Gear Materials and Heat Treatment Manual

When four 2004-b899 tests are required, two tests should be made on the cope side, one over a riser and the other approximately degrees away between risers, and two tests on the drag side 90 degrees away from the tests on the cope side. Stress relieving may be deemed necessary to hold close dimensional tolerances.

Work continued on the Standard with numerous additional revised drafts within the Metallurgy and Materials Committee until it was balloted in The drawing, order, or written specification should include the following information: Hardening by quench and tempering results in a combination of properties generally superior to that achieved by anneal or normalize and temper; i.


The specific gear design will usually dictate the grade of material re- quired as a function of subsequent heat treatment; such as quench and temper or case hardening. Powder metal preforms are heated to forging temperature and finished forged to final sgma and density. We have ayma document history for this standard.

A wide range of mechanical properties are produced through control of the alloying elements and subsequent heat treatments. Berndt C and M of Indiana J. The combined carbon in pearlite will readily dissolve at the austenitizing temperature.

Care must be taken during grinding and polishing not to round the edge being inspected and not to temper or burn the ground surface. See Table for quench and tempered gearing. In alloys such as series and steels, nitrided hardness is lessened appreciably by decreased core hardness prior to nitriding. Because the process increases bending fatigue strength, it may be used either to salvage or upgrade a gear design.

Care should also zgma exercised in establishing the perpendicular to the mid tooth point when starting the traverse. Carbon and alloy steel castings are used for a wide variety of through hardened gearing and, to a lesser degree, for case hardened applications.