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As specified in AGMA , you can use this input window to define the probability of scuffing and wear as well as susceptibility to micropitting (frosting). Find the most up-to-date version of AGMA at Engineering AGMA A03 (R) Effect of Lubrication on Gear Surface Distress The purpose of this information sheet is to provide the user with information pertinent to.

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One of the key parameters is the estimated film thickness.

Pokrandt gives an update about standards and other documents under development. There’s nothing more important for an individual’s career development than keeping up with current technology. Of course gears – and their mechanical assemblies – are special items, widely present in industrial applications where energy conversion and power transmission are involved. The approach presented in this paper can be useful to design gear pairs with a minimum amount of backlash, to prevent double flank contact and to help reduce rattle noise to lowest levels.

AGMA 925 – Search Results

Accumulation of feedback data will serve to enhance future developments and improved methods to evaluate lubricant related surface distress. An association is an organization of persons having a common interest. Each of these forms of surface distress may be influenced by the lubricant; the calculations are offered to help assess the potential risk involved with a given lubricant choice. Helical gears were analyzed by resolving the agm in the normal plane and distributing the normal load over 952 minimum length of the contact lines.


The need for a “level playing field” in the critical arena was one of the reasons the association was formed in the first place. As specified in AGMAyou can use this input window to define the probability of scuffing and wear as well as susceptibility to micropitting frosting. The tooth thicknesses are then transformed into a point cloud describing both the convex and concave flanks in a global, Cartesian coordinate system.

By the time you read this, you’ll be well into the hazy, lazy days, and the season will be gone before you know it.

All the people attending the Gear Expo in Detroit have an interest. Surface distress may be scuffing adhesive wearfatigue micropitting and macropittingor excessive abrasive wear scoring.

And it is exhibitors who are part of the “much, much, more” that are addressed in this article. Giving people the educational tools they need to do their jobs is a necessary ingredient for success. By the time the show closes on October 10, the association hopes its targeted exhibitors walk away with new insights leading to profitability and renewed contacts.

These two parameters are considered critical in defining areas of operation that may lead to unwanted surface distress. Executives in the gear industry are flooded with information and ideas that often seem at odds. This method does not rely on any additional agka settings; only basic geometry of the cutter, blank, and teeth are required to calculate fairly accurate tooth thicknesses.

Trying to compare various methods of rating gears is like hitting a moving target in a thick forest.


In this part bending strength ratings are compared. Who cares about it?

It is considered in performance issues such as scuffing, wear, and surface fatigue. It’s also advantageous to make new ones. But what symbolizes the th?

Item Detail – AGMA A03 (reaffirmed January )

These points can be utilized in any modern computer-aided design software package to assist in the generation of a 3D solid model; all pertinent tooth macrogeometry ama be closely simulated using this technique. The 75th is the diamond. A comparison of the standards mainly focuses on fundamental formula and influence factors, such as the load distribution factor, geometry factor, and others.

For the first installment, we’ve focused on AGMA’s online and video training programs.

Thus far we’ve educated employees from 71 companies; students range from new hires with no experience to company presidents. Firstly, the way to calculate the tooth thickness agna seems to need a “manufacturing profile shift coefficient” that isn’t specified in the standard; neither is another standard referred to for this coefficient.

In practice, calculating wear in accordance with Wellauer results in risk of wear values that are too high. Standards are a lingua franca, providing a common language with reference points for evaluating product reliability and performance for manufacturers and users.