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Aku-Aku, the Secret of Easter Island describes Thor Heyerdahl’s research at Rano Raraku & Anakena on their many giant stone statues. The book & later film . Results 1 – 30 of 60 AKU-AKU – The Secret of Easter Island by heyerdahl, thor and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. En el conocido etnógrafo y aventurero Thor Heyerdahl organizó una AKU AKU, en su momento un best-seller internacional, es un relato de los.

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All the Light We Cannot See. So we were gathered on the boat deck, twenty-three in all, a most versatile party, including men from many walks of life. Conseguimos levantar un poco el sillar y vimos una figura de un metro de longitud que representaba claramente una ballena. Generations of experience in stone-carving are normally required for such projects.

Aku Aku – Thor Heyerdahl

Winter of the World. Empezamos a mirarle de una manera distinta. De momento dejaban ciego al gigante. The figure was always exactly the same, whether it was large or small. El maestro tuvo que intervenir y obligarles a regresar, cuando estaban demudados y daban boqueadas de angustia, para tenderlos de nuevo sobre la escotilla. La Perouse understood that it was because Cook and his men had be- haved so peaceably that the population of the island now took courage and crept out into the light of day, a couple of thousand in all.


When, happy and unsuspecting, they wanted to go ashore again, they were bound and taken below. Ed con una cabeza de piedra desenterrada en el antiguo observatorio solar de Orongo. The governor then sent Kasimiro and Nicholas to patrol the area. Debajo de nosotros, el acantilado cala verticalmente: It was the village doctor, and he invited everyone to a hula dance.

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But as we walked a single rider appeared sku the ridge, and a native shepherd jumped off his horse and jeyerdahl up to greet us. We rowed after her as hard as we could and weathered the first sea, but the second came rolling toward us ever higher and steeper, and in a moment we were flung up against geyerdahl perpendicular wall of water and felt the raft whirling round bottom uppermost. I won’t say that Thor Heyerdahl is a great story-teller and this is a main reason why I gave the book 3but in general it was interesting to learn the origin of Easter’s island statues and methods of setting them, and, to my mind, it seems convincing, although by now, t This book seemed endless!

Between pages Between pages Rapa Id’s green-clad hills. Sus grandes ojos y sus dientes destacaban blancos y brillantes en la oscuridad.

Entonces lo condujeron a nuestra presencia sus orgullosos subordinados. I don’t like that Thor wanted to fool the inhabitants. El piso estaba cubierto, como en otras cuevas, de paja reseca. Instead, some of the natives were allowed to go on board and sell souvenirs and do a hula dance on deck. Ha estado a las puertas de la muerte, pero creo que conseguiremos salvarlo.


Thor Heyerdahl October 6,Larvik, Norway — April 18,Colla Micheri, Italy was a Norwegian ethnographer and adventurer with a scientific background in zoology and geography. Ahora son terrenos de pastos de la Armada. La tierra siguiente que avistamos fue Rapaiti. Only the giant heads stand on the slopes, with a stony, supercilious smile, and say how-do-you-do and good-by to the Lilliputians who come, stare, and go again as the cen- 2 Kathcrinc Scorcsby Routlcdgc, The Mystery of Easter Island: La de Anita no se encontraba entre ellas.

They struck one of the statues so hard with a hoe that sparks sprang from it, and thus it was evident that they were of stone.

Todos desembarcaremos para comer langosta.

He stared thoughtfully at the deck. La losa estaba cubierta por un enorme sillar que ocultaba el resto de la figura. One feels like a con- ductor busy eating spaghetti while trying to drive his orchestra through a rhapsody by Liszt.

Los diez hombres ya no alcanzaban al extremo de las palancas; se limitaban a hyeerdahl de cuerdas atadas en sus extremidades. I pointed to Easter Island. This white man showed by his bearing that he was a prominent person in the community, and the Dutchmen thought that he might be a priest.