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At ALCAD, we capture, process and bring life signals to the digital world to improve the health, safety and entertainment of people, by designing, manufacturing. MODEL. RETURN FILTER. TV FILTER. CF 5 – 30 MHz. 47 – MHz. IF FILTER. – MHz. CF 5 – 65 MHz. 86 – MHz. The CF broadband head-end amplifier has multiple inputs and different band Output Level (IMD3 dB). dBμV. Output Level (IMD2 dB). dBμV.

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Definitely, the entrance panel The new vandal proof entrance panels range by ALCAD is the best option if you are looking for a durable and reliable solution that suits all needs Discover it. The distribution is on the 5 to 2,MHz band and is star-shaped in form.

CF-112_ distribution amplifier – return path

The power supply unit is 1122 from the rest of the high frequency circuit, complying with cff standards for both the installer and the user. Made with an aluminium profile and galvanised plate. Each filter can be tuned to any UHF frequency. In equipment with F-type connectors, it is necessary to use insulated loads. FA Applications Required for feeding the modules of the equipment. The transmission is carried out via radio, without cables.

Accessories 8 See page Designed to work with the basic group of adjacent digital channels. The noise level is extremely low in order to amplify the signals without losing quality. The AM and AM amplifiers are available in other power voltages.

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Characteristics Made from zamak and galvanised plate for maximum shielding. Fixed to the wall by means of the supplied screws and wall-plugs.

  ELO 2239L PDF

The levels of the signals of each antenna are adjusted with the gain controllers so that the output level of all the channels is similar. Power supply unit insulated from the high frequency circuit, complying with safety standards for both the installer and the user. Terminal outlet with frontplate BS 1 Units per packing 0. Characteristics Shielded zamak chassis, with female input and output F connectors. Used as a head-end amplifier for bouquets which have all their transponders in a single polarity.

Thanks to a constant technological and industrial development since its establishment inALCAD is now a reference.

Mechanized female F-type connectors. It can also be sued to splice two coaxial cables with male IEC connectors. To adapt the terrestrial TV channels to the planned frequencies of the head-end equipment, channel conversion equipment can be employed; this uses those channels which have been left free in the planning of channels.

It is necessary xlcad use SAT amplifiers to amplify all the satellite signals. The input and output channel should be specified in the order after having checked in the possible conversion tables supplied by Alcad or in www.


In addition, it can be used as a separator of the terrestrial TV and IF satellite signals coming from a single cable. Technical annex with norms and conditions of measurement of the information in this cata- logue. The principal advantage of this equipment is the rapid equalisation and adjustment of all the channels in the installation in any reception conditions, including the 9 most adverse. With the AM, however, only the low and high pass filter can be used.

If the levels are not high or the installation has several TV outlets then the use of an amplifier and power supply unit will be necessary. Applications SMATV installations requiring the distribution of one satellite polarity together with the rest of the terrestrial TV channels.


5-input House / Building Amplifier (CF – ALCAD series)

Characteristics The equipment equalises the levels of all the transpon- 7 ders and maintains the levels by means of an AGC automatic gain control. Subscribe to our newsletter.

Zamak chassis with metal side plates. From the simplest equipment for individual installations to cascadable equipment for large installations. For the installation of equipment comprising a power supply unit, amplifier and 10 modules or power supply unit and 11 modules. The accessoires for fixing the antenna are made of galvanised iron. Catalogue Gianni Ferrari offers the advanced engines on the market: Mast ring for guy wires.

Both products are included in a single pack. This adaptor enables standard electrical boxes with DIN rail to be used for the TV connections panel. Variable attenuator, 18dB, from 5 to 2,MHz. The telescopic system allows the mast to be lowered without having to dismount the mast or release its guy wires.

It has one inputs to amplify the signal coming from all the receivers of the installation, and a mutliplexing input for the rest of the channels of the installation. Supplied in a multiple pack. One of the inputs remains connected to the outputs while the other input is permanently connected to a 75 W load.