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All rights reserved. No part of the contents of this manual may be reproduced or This manual is available through Aldelo, LP and resellers worldwide. Please. This manual is available through Aldelo Systems Inc. and resellers worldwide. other languages that the manual may be translated into, please contact Aldelo. Aldelo User Manual Download, The Aldelo For Restaurants software solution is extremely user friendly and very simple to learn. Download your manual today.

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This will refresh the screen with an updated list of events during the date range you specified. The key is aldeoo ensure that such Internet services will remain connected, and in the case of disconnect, the router or modem equipment will auto connect immediately. The protocol should be TCP. NET Framework is installed in the supported Windows operating system.

The Client deployment is simply installing just the client components. Failure to use this function properly may result in loss of transactions and pending credit card funds.

Software such as Aldelo EDC belongs to this category. Aldelo EDC does not require high bandwidth so that you can save on monthly service charges. Processing networks usually access non qualification fees if merchants do not close their batch within 24 hours, therefore, we recommend all merchants close their batch at end of their business date or pick a time to close their batch on regular basis.

Traditionally, merchants process credit card transactions via specialized hardware payment terminals such as Nurit or Verifone. However, not all merchant service providers will support true client initiated batch close manuql. This will display a description of what the field is used for. When used under integrated environments, Aldelo EDC eliminates double entry and promotes better user productivity and performance.


Aldelo POS Restaurant Manual

No part of the contents alcelo this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written permissions of the publisher. Aldelo For Restaurants will have certain payment processing features enabled only when integrated with Aldelo EDC, and Aldelo Technical Staff are trained to provide assistance on both solutions within the same call.

The reason we deploy everything on the server is to have the ability to create and maintain database, as well as other server administrative duties. The items in this log are mahual verbatim from both Aldelo EDC and the gateway or processor.

For in depth help on firewall and antivirus, please contact your local Internet Service Manuall or your network administrator for details. We recommend one of the notified party be the Manager, one be the Technical Person, and possibly reserving the last party for Merchant Service Provider or Aldelo Technical Staff when troubleshooting Please receive permission first.

The steps to install on Windows Server are very similar, and any differences will be noted. This section will describe each of the steps involved in performing Aldelo EDC software installation.

This process is very simple to execute, please following the instructions listed below to accomplish this. The setup of SMTP notification is optional. Your actual setup may vary slightly based on the deployment strategy you chose in Chapter 2.

License Activation is optional and may be deferred to a later time before going live. Since the integration is a set of ASP. It helps to enhance quality of service, and achieve payment card industry PCI security compliancy. Static IP address is not required unless you plan to host Aldelo EDC payment engine web service to the Internet for third party solutions located outside of your store. If you are using a third party Firewall such as Symantec, please refer to its operations manual for details.


If you want exact information about the batch, the audit trail can provide more detailed information in the Event Details section of that particular batch transaction. When the batch close command is issued or auto batch close is invoked by Aldelo EDCall these pre-auth transactions will then be marked as Post-Authorized.

This chapter provides you with step by step configuration and testing procedures to ensure proper setup of Aldelo EDC.

Installation Setup

The only subject of xldelo is to ensure that. This is the core of the software and you will need a merchant account to complete this section.

The audit trail is regarded as the authority for what happened to any particular transaction or batch. In recent years, a new breed of payment acceptance technologies has emerged. This audit trail is kept in the database for a aldepo amount of time. You should also create additional user accounts for batch operations, and integrated applications. This option installs the Client Component, the Server Component.

WavePOS for Aldelo Installation and Setup Guide

It is best to create a merchant account that is dedicated to just Demo transactions so that your reports will not be affected. Aldelo EDC automatically expire all passwords every 90 days. We are excited that you have selected Aldelo EDC as your payment processing solution of choice. Qldelo the system does not have IIS already installed, please follow the instructions listed below to complete IIS installation.

Passwords also need to be historically unique and you cannot use the same password within 4 changes of your password. Security Settings List View Figure Each merchant service provider must be certified through Aldelo EDC in order to function.