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Alert en ondernemend Te vinden onder de startknop, netwerk applicaties, informatiesystemen, alert & ondernemend 2. CMV in veelvoud Trendstudies bij Alert en Ondernemend Herkenbaar en Toekomstgericht Landelijk opleidingsprofiel voor de hbo-bacheloropleiding. Alert en ondernemend Opleidingsprofiel Culturele en Maatschappelijke Vorming Herkenbaar en Toekomstgericht Landelijk opleidingsprofiel voor de.

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Findings were positive for the impact of training on the intended outcomes of the initiatives. Seven themes are discussed and practised in the group sessions: The present study examined how job demands affect an intimate partner’s well-being. Employees who became a need for recovery case were more likely to reduce their working hours OR 2. This article presents a two-wave cross-lagged study average interval of two years on time precedence in the relationship between organizational climate and organizational performance in branches of a financial services organization in the Netherlands.

The studies retrieved had a number of methodological limitations including short follow-up periods, risk of selection bias and reliance on largely self-reported outcome data.

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The present findings support the notion that bullying will thrive in stressful working environments and thus yield an important contribution in identifying antecedent conditions to counteract the development of bullying at workplaces.

In this article, we answer alery questions what is the effect of group leadership climate strength, conceptualized as the variability in leadership climate within groups, on individual organizational commitment of employees, and ondernemene this adds to the effect of group leadership climate level, conceptualized as mean leadership climate within oncernemend group.

In recent years human resource management HRM has been seen as an important factor in the successful realisation of organisational change programmes. Moreover, the results illustrate what managers can do to secure employee well-being. Bullying was found to be a significant predictor of all the outcomes included, showing a substantial relative contribution in relation to anxiety and depression, while for job satisfaction, turnover intention and absenteeism, more modest relative contributions were identified.

At baseline, after 6 and 12 months, measurements primary: Verdonk, Petra Hooftman, Wendela E.

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The results of multi-group structural equation modelling analyses offered support for this model. The present study empirically examines the relationship between computer anxiety, job satisfaction. Some potentially effective practices for both health and non-health areas were identified, and HRM methods could be used to support change processes within the NHS; the findings relating to work organisation are particularly promising with regard to changes in methods of service delivery.


The aims of this study are to present a scale for measuring recovery opportunities, study its psychometric properties and its relationship with health. Findings indicate that local political trust is shaped not only by policy appraisal, but also by perceptions of informational and emotional support from the local government.

Outcomes will be assessed at baseline and at 3, 6, and 12 months follow-up. Support for the impact of performance management practices was apparent, in particular feedback on performance outcomes and the use of participative goal setting. Adherence to the protocol, communication between stakeholders, and satisfaction with the treatment are the process measures assessed in both study groups.

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to gain insights into the effects of an 22.0 resource planning ERP -implementation on job content. All patients received fortnightly subcutaneous injections of 40 mg adalimumab. The following main results were obtained: The remaining four CBA studies evaluated a form of contractual flexibility: The sample comprised normally-hearing and hearing-impaired working adults aged years participating in the National Longitudinal Study on Hearing.

Secondary outcome measures are mental health, work functioning, and coping.

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Employees who became a psychological distress case were more likely ne change jobs within the company RR 1. Study design to evaluate the intervention: It is suggested that beneficial effects of work-related control are unlikely to occur in the absence of reductions in perceived demand. Conclusions Trust and the need for trust vary with the character and severity of ill health. Study Design and Onndernemend After 1 year, markedly improvement was ondernemene not only in the DAS28 from 5.

We also extracted secondary outcomes including sickness absence, health service usage, behavioural changes, accidents, work-life balance, quality of life, health and wellbeing of children, family members and co-workers if reported alongside at least one primary outcome. The other stressors were not associated with organizational change and, hence, do not mediate.

Managing psychosocial problems may decrease fatigue. Cultural adaptation and psychometric properties of Brazilian Need for Recovery Scale. To examine the effects of multiple types of work-family spillover work-to-family negative spillover, WFNS; family-to-work negative spillover, FWNS; and work-family positive spillover, WFPS on psychological distress among Japanese dual-earner couples with preschool children.

This study investigates the relationship between four job characteristics and family-to-work conflict on emotional exhaustion and mental health problems. Moreover, 20 participants underwent electromyography EMG tests to measure the muscle strain they experienced while carrying out the basic functions grasp, rotate, and maneuver in the x, y, and z axes.


Results One hundred and twenty-two employees participated in this study. Results of testing a series of competing models in AMOS showed that organizational climate at time point 1 influenced organizational performance at time point 2 rather than the reverse, or both processes being present simultaneously. In addition, task autonomy, in the sense of having discretion over the use ondernemrnd flexibility, proves to be negatively related to the perceived social downsides of being flexible, but only if task interdependence is high.

Recovery opportunities; Need for recovery; Fatigue; Sleep complaints; Health complaints; Absenteeism; Psychometric properties. Each hypothesis of the DCS-model is tested: The work-directed intervention consists of: Using information from ondegnemend literature and FG interviews, vitality consists of a mental and a physical component. These findings are discussed in the light of the literature and some suggestions for practice are formulated. To facilitate and encourage such work, the authors present a methodological framework for addressing the distinction between and the baseline psychometric quality of composed group constructs, illustrated by an empirical example in the group job-design domain.

They are also more often inclined to compensate as a means of coping with problematic situations. Introduction Return rn work RTW in patients with hand disorders and hand injuries is determined by several determinants not directly related to the physical situation.

In conclusion, although odernemend independent association between maternal cortisol Levels in early pregnancy and offspring birthweight and SGA risk was not observed, exploratory post hoc analysis ondefnemend that the association was moderated by time of day, such that the association was only present in the early morning.

It is argued that four HR-induced organizational oondernemend dimensions influence organizational performance. If it is impossible to reduce or optimize specific demands, additional job resources should be provided.

Recovery experiences refer to psychological mechanisms psychological detachment from work, relaxation, mastery and control during off-job time facilitating recovery. Separate regression analyses were computed for high and low patient interaction jobs. With their assistance, you can become well prepared and can avoid having to retake exams.