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View and Download Alesis Midiverb II instruction manual online. Midiverb II Music Pedal pdf manual download. Alesis Midiverb II Manual – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The heart of this system is a very large scale integrated chip developed by Alesis specifically for MIDIVERB II. Wide dynamic range QUICKSETUP and 15kHz.

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Datasheets for more ‘interesting’ chips, as well as the user manual and program chart can be downloaded below.

This completes the program change. Here are my findings based on observations, measurements and some speculation about what’s going on in MidiVerb II. This will become the current program and will now be assignable to the MIDI patch number alesid just entered. See your Alesis dealer. This is the tricky part but will be well worth the effort.

Full text of “Alesis MidiVerb 2 Owner’s Manual”

For example, if you are connected to a mixer you will need to adjust the effects send s and receive s to the proper level, then set the master stereo output level of the mixer accordingly If you are connected to an instrument amplifier, you should adjust its volume control to the desired level.

SynthMania PlanetZero lists and forums: When you turn on the unit the program assigned to MIDI patch 01 will auto- matically be activated. But, please thorougNy read this manual when you have time, so you won’t miss anything important. The triggering is normal but the thumping sounds might be unde- sirable. Actually only bytes required to store a DSP program are addressable.


CD, in comparison, uses a meager 16 bits. Pressing the first number in a bank enters that group of pro- grams.

This results in 15KHz bandwidth for the processed audio signal after Digital-to-Analog conversion. Check with your Alesis dealer. But please become familiar with the full depth and richness of each program. And came back with nothing so I had to open the box and take a closer look.

Alesis Midiverb II Instruction Manual

Then check the other level controls in your system again. Further information on the Alesis MidiVerb 4 reverb and effects manuao.

When connected to a mixing board, set the MIX control to full on all effect. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. You should hear very little, if any, background noise.

This completes the program assign. If you do hear much noise you should check your source to make sure you have a strong, clear output signal. Midiverb II Program Guide. Because when applied to the right input signal the effect is fantastic! But since chang- ing programs is 80 easy; deciding on the correct sound should be based on plenty of experimentation and your own taste.

Not necessarily More subtle flanges can be created simply by changing the mix ratio. They do make a difference. These levels will vary depending on the actual equipment used, but should fail somewhere in the shaded areas.

The thumping sound is caused by volume fluctuations in the sustain portion of the sound that are causing the triggering action to reoccur.

Processed signal is mixed with the ‘dry’ one in analog after the conversion MIX button. You can mix the relative dry and effected signal with the individual input channels and the stereo effects receives on board the mixer: None that I know of worth checking: This delay and pitch modulation is continu- ously varied by a lew frequency oscillator The effect creates changes over time in the frequency content of the mixed signal.


If you are nidiverb an instrument with stereo outputs keytdoard, daim machine, etc.

Alesjs stereogenerator programs create stereosignalsfroma mono source-great for that wkto keyboard sound when you don’t want to use reverb or chorua The last three programs are regenerated echoes that vary in decay time and the extent of their traifing echoes -and they are astonishingly deaa Program With explosive sounds like drums and percus- sion or heavy pounding electric guitar that have very sharp attacks and quick decays, the trig- gering action occurs every time the signal hits the input of Midivedb II.

In addition to reverb, the Alesis Midiverb 4 also provides chorus, flange, delay and pitch changing effects. The quality of the digital audio processing is excellent with bit conversion and bit internal processing. Automatically a steep price came to mind.


Digital reverb is an effect that is used in just about every recording made. Press any numbefed button from to 9. Each program varies in tonal characteristics and decay time. Indicating man- ual Program change status. The lower right segment of the two digit LED display will blink for approximately 4 seconds, prompting you to enter a second numt er.

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