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Alf Hornborg is an anthropologist and Professor of Human Ecology at Lund University, Sweden. His research focuses on theorizing the cultural and political. A Jerneck, L Olsson, B Ness, S Anderberg, M Baier, E Clark, T Hickler, Sustainability science 6 (1), , , Zero-sum world: challenges in. Alf Hornborg is Professor of Human Ecology at Lund University since He received his Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from the University.

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Alf Hornborg

Ecological embeddedness and personhood: Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. Read the original article. This website alr javascript activated to work properly. Anthropological perspectives Book chapter.

Alf Hornborg | Lund University

The geology of mankind? Environmentalism, ethnicity, and sacred places Alf Horbnorg Voices of the Land: Debates about biomedicine” Alf Hornborg Current Anthropology43 p. En antropologisk biografi” Alf Hornborg Acta Americana4 p.

Renewable energy technologies emerged in this specific human society — inequality, globalisation and all — and their very feasibility is dependent on world market prices.

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The world system and the Earth system: Linguistic and architectural homologies Alf Hornborg The world-view of prehistoric manp. World-system history and global environmental change.

But solar panels and wind farms are not merely products of human ingenuity that have been revealed to us by nature. The nine articles discuss theories, methodologies, and empirical case studies pertaining to ecologically unequal exchange, and address its relationship to ecological debt. The argument is based on the conviction that human artifacts such as money play a crucial role in organizing society, and that closer attention should be paid to the design and logic of key artifacts, rather than devoting disproportionate intellectual energy to theorizing their complex systemic repercussions.


The generic research platform serves to structure and create new knowledge in SS and is a tool for exploring any set of sustainability challenges.

Rose EconomicsFinanceFinancial Institutions 0. Identity, economy, and ecology Hodnborg Hornborg Voices of the Land: Kritiska studier av framtidsbilder. World-system history and global environmental change Globalization and the Environment Negotiating nature: In other words, the more of its original energy that has been dissipated, the higher its price.

Alf Hornborg – Why you can’t have free trade and save the planet – Brave New Europe

World-system history and global environmental change Globalization and the Environment Book. Review of ‘The Returns of Fetishism: Almost 50 years ago the ecological economist Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen warned that the notion that solar power could replace fossil energy was an illusion, because it hornborf require such enormous volumes of materials to harness the requisite amounts of diffuse sunlight to satisfy a modern high-tech society.

A plea for contextualism and holism Alf Hornborg The art of natural resource management Book chapter. Exchange, personhood, and human ecology Alf Hornborg Imagining nature: Olika vetenskapliga prismorp.


Identity and Ecology in the Margins. One way to assess the occurrence of unequal exchange may be to look at the direction of net flows of energy and materials concrete, productive potentialbut without falling into the trap of equating productive potential with economic value. Ingold, “The perception of the environment: Towards a thermodynamics of imperialism Alf Hornborg Man: There is obviously something problematic about shifting to solar power that goes beyond corporate obstruction.

Alf Hornborg – Why you can’t have free trade and save the planet

His primary research interest is the cultural and political dimensions of human-environmental relations in past and present societies, particularly from the perspective of world-system analysis. When Donald Trump recently announced tariffs on steel and aluminium imports he was condemned by proponents of free trade across the world.

March 22, Mathew D.