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Algoritmo Karatsuba. Análisis Si sus operandos (a, b, c, d) son: “pequeños”: entonces se multiplican de la forma clásica. “suficientemente. Given two binary strings that represent value of two integers, find the product of two strings. For example, if the first bit string is “” and second bit string is. Motivation for this blog post I’ve enrolled in Stanford Professor Tim Roughgarden’s Coursera MOOC on the design and analysis of algorithms.

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I wrote my implementation in Python following the pseudocode provided on wikipedia: I recently implemented Karatsuba Multiplication as a personal exercise. The dimensions of the matrix are d by k m for p and d by k n for q.


They serve as a good illustration. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Is it because python remembers that for odd numbers, the nby2 is actually a float and accounts for that when doing the multiplication? Computer arithmetic algorithms Multiplication.

Comments are transient; answers are not. Only three multiplications, which operate on smaller integers, are used to compute three partial results:.

As I said, a matter of taste. I think this has to do with how the numbers are split but I’m not really sure what’s going on. Although the exponent e can be set arbitrarily close to 1 by increasing kthe function c unfortunately grows very rapidly.

Karatsuba’s original formula and other generalizations are themselves symmetric. This answer isn’t entirely clear.


These formulae require four multiplications, and were known to Charles Babbage.

If we were using different k mk nor evaluation points, the matrix and so our interpolation strategy would change; but it does not depend on the inputs and so can be hard-coded for any given set of parameters. Your code and logic is correct, there is just issue with your base case.

Notify me of new comments aogoritmo email. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I had found that kqratsuba failures were related to getting an odd number of digits with a split, since alglritmo zeros are dropped splits as andand had been trying to fix it by going to strings and padding out leading zeros.

Of course, one might argue that here it’s not symmetric and the first branch is just a corner case to get over with. Karatsuba observed that can be computed in only three multiplications, at the cost of a few extra additions. We get the result by just adding these three partial results, shifted accordingly and then taking carries into account by decomposing these three inputs in base like for the input operands:.

Karatsuba Multiplication Algorithm – Python Code

These are much smaller than would normally be processed with Toom—Cook grade-school multiplication algpritmo be faster but they will serve to illustrate the algorithm. A little off the topic, but why do you need to put “else” after if? Your simple fix removed the whole issue! Therefore, the previous answer’s code examples does not actually give the correct answer for multiplying it’s input numbers. Ofman” as the authors.


Let and be represented as -digit strings in some base. Toom—Cooksometimes known as Toom-3named after Andrei Toomwho introduced algoritjo new algorithm with its low complexity, and Stephen Cookwho cleaned the description of it, is a multiplication algorithm for large integers.

Instead, we use the fact that, provided the evaluation points were chosen suitably, this matrix is invertible, and so:.

Karatsuba algorithm – Wikipedia

Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics. Multipoint evaluation can be obtained faster than with the above formulas. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It degenerates to long multiplication, with an interpolation matrix of the identity matrix:. For any positive integer less thanone can write the two given numbers as. For algorirmo, the algorithm “Toom As a rule of thumb, Karatsuba’s method is usually faster when the multiplicands are longer than — bits.

A typical choice for i is given by:. The sequence given by Bodrato [6] for Toom-3, executed here over algorktmo first operand polynomial p of the running example is the following:.