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Colour Browser. Colour Temperature. All, warm, cold, neutral. Colour Scheme. All, monochrome, polychrome. Colour Series. All, solid, metallic Colour Charts . ALUCOBOND® Spectra colours. Download our new ALUCOBOND® Spectra colours charts as PDF-file. Download as PDF [ MB]. One can not go wrong with this selection of solid and metallic colours. Select solid ones to achieve a tuned down, uniform effect. Or play with different.

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It is defined so that a standard black reflectance 0. These finishes are not stocked inventory items, please contact your sales representative to discuss Inspirational color options and lead times. Alucobond Alucobond Plus 3mm 4mm 6mm 4mm Plus 0. Inspirational Non-stocking Colors — These samples represent finishes designed to inspire creativity. Alucobond Design Brochure Download.

Alucobond Corporate Identity Brochure. We use cookies to improve your experience by remembering log-in details and providing a secure log-in, collecting statistics to optimize site functionality, and provide you with a personalized experience. AC25 Editorially Revised Aug During the manufacturing process, all excess core material is recycled back into the manufacturing process and all scrap aluminium is sent back to aluminium processing plants for recycling.

Supplementary informationBystrov et al.

Alucobond Custom Color Match Department West Fifth Street Benton, KY Please provide your name, company name, address, phone number and email address, as alucobonnd as the project name, project location, type of finish and gloss. Check back often to see some of our recent additions. Before using the details found here for downloading, please consult with your Alucobond Representative.


Alucobond Spectra colors use high-quality fluorocarbon paint systems applied in a continuous coil-coated process to create a color-shifting surface.

Colour Chart Alucobond |

Call or email: Alucobond Legno Brochure Download. Send the color sample to: Front face sheet shall be factory pre-finished in colour or finish selected from the manufacturers: Contact Info info hvgfacades. Thank you for your question – we will reply to you as soon as possible. Warranties For warranty information please contact your Alucobond representative. Here’s what we’ve found interesting. These are non-stocked color options which can be ordered to size.

Let your imagination be our guide! The palette of coil-coated colors can be endless. Alucobond Urban Design Brochure Download. Thank you for your question – we will reply to you as soon as possible. Depending on the pigment type and viewing angle, different wave-lengths of light are reflected, resulting in an ever-changing color gradient with iridescent highlights.

Minimums and color fees will apply. Our naturAL colors mimic the beauty of real metal surfaces to enchance the design of your architectural project. As a Global business, we bring the world to you.

Core materials containing re used core material, which could contain other impurities proven to be detrimental to the integrity and long-term performance of laminated materials shall not be used.

ALUCOBOND is fully recyclable, each component including the core material and aluminium used in the manufacturing process, can be recycled and reused in the production of new materials. These are not physical samples of Axcent, which is. Now, your entryways, columns, and facades can make a bold statement without upsetting your budget.


It focuses on preserving natural resources to ensure a liveable tomorrow for future generations.

The finely textured aluminum scatters light for a close-up visual effect, while retaining the luster of smooth aluminum from afar. We have several Corporate Identity programs currently being offered.

Alucobond Alucofix System Brochure Download. Anodized — These samples represent finishes within the Anodized line that are standard stocking items.


SRI values are subject to change based on paint supplier and availability. Alucobond Solid and Metallic Brochure Download. Classification of Reaction To Fire Performance. Rear face aluminium sheet to be left in chemically cleaned mill finish condition unless noted otherwise.

Thank you for submitting a quote request – we will reply to you as soon as possible. Alucobond naturAL colors mimic the beauty of real metal surfaces to enhance the design of your architectural project. Alucobond Folor Look Brochure Download.

For exact colour matching, request for actual colour samples. The tips and suggestions contained in this manual are the result of many years of combined experience by fabricators in both the U.

Download this flyer to learn more about our new naturAL Terra finishes. Alucobond “Beyond Facades” Brochure Download.

Port Everglades Cruise Terminal Downloads Alucobond Terra Brochure Download.