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Babylon-America’s Judgment Detailed. Part 2. by. R.A. Coombes. Author: “ America, The Babylon”. In part one of this article series, I raised the. Shop our inventory for America the Babylon by R. A. Coombes with fast free shipping on every used book we have in stock!. America, the Babylon by R. A. Coombes, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Hezbollah commando units run small terror attacks into small Israeli villages along the northern border. That particular term seems to be describing foreigners temporarily traveling or living in the land who have evil or violent plans and then act upon them. Also spread via water supplies. Even so, Israel is a smoking ruin itself.

The war is of an unstated duration. Friday, 21 June Iran intervenes with Babylonn support 1. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. How long this pre-judgment of war or terrorism lasts is unstated. Low-level intensity, cat-n-mouse border incidents in Golan Heights and along the Lebanon-Israeli border. Unknown time frame to complete heavy weapons transfers.

We see this in Coombex This would put Iranian forces at somewhere between a minimum of 25, to perhapstroops in Syria with as many as 2, battle tanks. Until then just a low-intensity provocation and probing phase. Uses chemical weapons C. Suicide commando squads on Golan sector H.

Probably starts with bio-warfare weapons dispersed by small airplanes and by terror squads in large public crowds such as sporting events. I think this is very possible, and certainly logical.

Occasional rocket fire into northern Israel C. Babylon is once-again remembered for judgment and this time it is a water judgment as the land becomes an ocean bed.


Later in verses 27 and 28 we find 3 additional tribal names involved in violent action against Babylon along with the Medes. Now the third possible prophecy for fulfillment is Armageddon, itself, perhaps. Hezbollah proxy fighters assist 4. In this case the speaker giving the command is in the heavens.

All the nations or tribes mentioned then are now taking form as nations joining together in alliance against Israel and to a lesser extent America and Western nations.

However, verse 14 and 27 both speak of the enemy metaphorically as caterpillars, so that Medes and allies do put into place either troops or enemy agents or perhaps both.

Assad forces turn tide on rebels, cuts off supply and sets up for aemrica ultimate victory.

America, the Babylon : America’s Destiny Foretold in Biblical Prophecy

After this event we have no clear time frame as to how soon the first, fire judgment hits but probably within hours or a few days. Later he mentions the Medes in verse Many details are left out, but this is merely an outline overview hypothesis of how things may well develop in the broader sense based on the prophetic scriptures. So we amercia that the fire judgment triggers the rise to power of the Antichrist and the start of the Great Tribulation Period. It also raises ameirca number of questions about what exactly happens.

America, the Babylon : R. A. Coombes :

This would seem to be describing modern-day terrorists who are often described as sleeper-cell terrorists.

Iran ships heavy weapons via sea to Syria including heavy battle tanks, artillery, ballistic missiles, armored personnel carriers, all for IRGC troops which will be flown in by air transport fhe all the heavy equipment has arrived. Jeremiah also notes this in chapter With all of this in mind, let us now consider how things are shaping up for the possibility of the current situation emerging into the Gog-Magog bagylon.


Part two, Lord willing, is slated to be posted to this website over the weekend, just as soon as can possibly be done. I have personal doubts about this being valid, but some raise the idea with plausibility. Amegica Death-throws of Babylon-America. And there you have it in a nutshell.

The Rapture of the Church — Global A. The situation in the Middle East is somewhat akin to being in a long mountain tunnel with train tracks and seeing the lights of combes train engine coming towards you and its getting closer at a seemingly quickening pace.

It becomes a desert with only desert creatures living there as described most explicitly in Isaiah On the basis of Jer Once the fire judgment hits Babylon-America, the land is no longer inhabited. There are no details on how the circumstances surrounding her destruction. Yet the war is not over. They vote to elect a man of military ability to lead them as the war continues in the Mideast. It flattens all the mountain ranges and sinks all the islands in the seas and at the coo,bes time, causes Babylon-America to sink below the ocean waves never to rise again.

At some point, Divine Judgment descends on Babylon-America. The Magog forces see Babylon-America destroyed and now take it as a sign to move on Israel from the North.

A Major Contraction is Coming.