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“And the Shofar Blew” – Book Review, Whitney Hopler – Read more Christian book reviews and excerpts. In the Old Testament, God called His people to action with the blast of the shofar, a ram’s horn. He still calls His people this relevant. The results can be disastrous, both for the shepherd and for his flock and Francine Rivers’ And the Shofar Blew (Tyndale House) illustrates.

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This book made me see its not really the numbers but seeing that you are right with GOD. The story spans 16 years and tells the story of 3 generations of characters. Bringing to life her characters, I grieved for them, hoped for them, aspired to be them Abby!!

“And the Shofar Blew” – Book Review – Christian Books Review, Excerpts

Loved the line, “When did sin become a word to avoid” ahofar however it was worded. This book should be a must read for all pastors. She helps to appease members of the church that her husband had unknowingly angered.

Maybe Paul would, but not you. He does well initially, but his pride and pursuit of material things gets the better of him. It really made me think. Francine Rivers is such an amazing storyteller I was speechless when I finished. He also rightly acknowledged that only Jesus could save him from his addiction- strategy was a mere demonstration of a will to be free, not the solution to addiction.

Sep 01, Kathryn rated it it was amazing Shelves: Overall, an excellent and absorbing read that packs a powerful anc. Really well done, a great read. Young, bright, enthusiastic, and full of energy and ideas, Paul hits the ground running.

If we do not, then we will wander or go astray of His plan for us.

“And the Shofar Blew” – Book Review

If the pastor’s focus on the Lord wavers–if his desire to build a ministry shifts to personal ambition and a need to create a monument to his own glory and legacy–everyone suffers.


Mar 27, Suzette S rated it it was amazing. I’m not much into Francine Rivers, but this is one I’ve been wanting to read. Books by Francine Rivers. Stephen doesn’t really have his name tarnished, die, face any financial losses, or become physically harmed. I enjoyed this story for the depth and a story line that teh, sadly, so real.

I look forward to listening to all of the books I can find by this auth I’d never read anything by this author and have missed a lot. I have been a fan of Francine Rivers – but I really didn’t like shoofar book much.

Many are familiar with the great line from Spiderman: God used the OT prophet Samuel to annoint David king.

A young, enthusiastic and dynamic pastor is given too much power and has too little accountability in a growing church. This would be an excellent book tbe all Christians to read. Also a persistent intercessor. In the bible, Eunice is Timothy’s mother.

I really felt like sl My pastor’s daughter actually recommended this book to me. Size of building and number of people in the pews seemed to define success or failure. I had just spent exactly 5 hours on computer homework, and I couldn’t take it anymore, so I sat on my couch, made some tea, put on my fire, and started reading.

A great narrative on the struggles of Christian life.

She makes the characters seem like real people. There’s only so much of that I can handle.

Leaves Centerville and relocates to another town. In old Jewish times, the shofar was sounded for people to assemble so they could confess and repent. She gets to ahofar heart of being a Christian–with all the temptations, blessings, struggles, and decisions we make. It was tragic to watch how the main male character, Paul, rationalised things as his relationship with God diminished.

Again, Lois is Timothy’s grandmother as she is in the bible. Her books are very much a cut above the average Christian fiction genre. Those two hlew were really evident throughout the 2nd half of the book. Eunice really really really relied on God to pull through her difficulty, something that we I must learn – to eat and drink of God’s Word, and to live on it.


As I look back, Rivers really did a fantastic job on the character of Paul – how he changed so subtly throughout tne book until I couldn’t believe at one stage that he was a direct opposite blfw who he was now, compared to the beginning of the book. I also was also pleasantly surprised to read the focus on personal growth and maturity outside of a church building.

Oct 25, Jill Kemerer rated it really liked it Shelves: In this tne and timely novel, dynamic young preacher Paul Hudson is committed to building his church—but at what cost? Who can I turn to but you, Lord?

And the Shofar Blew is a reminder of God’s faithfulness to us even when we are not faithful to Him. Rivers did a good job of making her characters a realistic mixture of good and bad, but halfway through bblew story you can’t remember any reason to like Pau Francine Rivers is a slight cut above the typical Christian author shofr and style, so when I want an easy read without any sex and a reasonably intelligent handling of some interesting ideas I read her.

Timothy’s a PK rebel, never goes into ministry, comes around at the end, etc. I’m not a huge fan of Christian fiction sorry! At first I didn’t understand, but I’ve got to give Rivers credit, that is extremely realistic.