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Angelology is a first novel by Danielle Trussoni. It was published by Viking Press in March Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Characters; 3 Publishing and film interest. : Angelology: A Novel (Angelology Series) (): Danielle Trussoni: Books. A covert age-old war between angels and humans serves as the backdrop for Trussoni’s gripping tale of supernatural thrills and divine.

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Why do you think the Nephilim have chosen to let their forefathers remain imprisoned? A film adaptation and a sequel are already waiting in the wings. Angelologyon the other hand, was a pleasure to write. It’s Dan Brown with a slightly better editor. The English language becomes very comforting, almost like danislle cocoon, after fumbling with a foreign language.

And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

It is a great followup with excellent characters and a totally different story line than the first. Feb 22, Pages. The resulting children of humans and Angels are called Nephalim and they are the woooorrrsssttttt.

Angelology by Danielle Trussoni | : Books

Rose where the nuns went trusslni pray. Aug 06, Kristen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Knowing that I needed to have a firsthand encounter with convent life, I went to St. Some resolution, but threads that encourage me to pick up the next book. A film adaptation and a sequel are already waiting in the wings. The lyre could be used to the Watchers’ benefit. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction.

: Angelology: A Novel (Angelology Series) (): Danielle Trussoni: Books

The lyre’s music was seductive and powerful. I am so glad I found this on audiobook at the library. Do you want to hear about some of our illustrious members? In what ways do you imagine mortals hy be changed after contact with the divine? Simultaneously, the book introduces Percival Grigori, a critically ill, once-winged member of one of the most powerful families in an ancient race of beings born of a union between fallen angels and human beings: How else would it be possible to bring together the angels of the Bible and Apocrypha, the myth of Orpheus, Bulgarian geography, medieval monastics, the Rockefellers, Nazis, nuns and musicology?


Also in Angelology Series. Arsenio Lupin era un dilettante a confronto.

I had such fun creating the characters. Sadly, when the action finally does start up, the book quickly falls apart.

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The central premise is pure Dan Brown: Diari, resoconti, pagine di diari, sermoni universitari la fanno da padrone. The emphasis that only “impure” angels threaten humanity is a necessary precaution in a story courting an American market in which books about personal “guardian angels” stand high in the non-fiction charts.

But Evangeline soon realizes that her own life may be in danger danilele of events set in motion hundreds of years in the past, and that she must discover the truth of her heritage.

Most of the main characters were in one way or another scholars or people who really knew their stuff. We watch as Evangeline, who grew up in a convent, encounters a world and a life she never knew existed. This would have added greater pace, particularly between scenes, plus more suspense, enabling the novel to really be classified as a thriller, which it really isn’t. She is as dumb as a rock.

Books by Danielle Trussoni. I really got attached to the characters and mourned with them and was happy with them. These parasitic creatures, the “giants” referred to in the sixth chapter of Genesis, have engaged in spiritual warfare for generations with the Society of Angelologists, a group that included Evangeline’s parents. And Danielle Trussoni’s book, it turns out, usefully echoes two fictional super-brands. The angelologists hovered above the body, gazing down in anticipation, as if they expected the creature to blink its eyes and wake.


Once defeated, teh Watchers were shackled and transported to a remote, unpopulated cavern high in the mountains. Ugh, i’ll try to be daniflle. The Nephilim waited for many days, watching, until Noah had loaded the final animals onto the Ark. Apart from publishing industry interest, two motion picture studios, Columbia Pictures and Universal Picturesbid against each other for the film rights, with Angelolovy winning. The story spans over a thousand years well actually goes back to biblical timesbut it all plays a part, and each narrator took my attention and held it hostage as I listened.

One of the greatest mysteries in the bible are the Nephilim. She daniellee clearly a skilled and talented author, and I expect that she will quickly develop better fictional narrative skills. I didn’t really enjoy the love story element between Evangeline and Verlaine as it reminded me of a romance novel rather than a literary piece of prose. Where do you see Evangeline headed from here?

Once you’ve entered Angelology ‘s enthralling world Just how this is possible is not explained nor is angelology, which could have been somewhat fascinating, if pursued in any depth. Daniellr yet it was too lovely, too vital for something they had studied only in airless libraries But another lucrative bookshelf is also used to prop up the plot. Don’t have a Kindle?


Trussoni better develop individual character voice. Meticulous in its research and delicious in its execution, the novel weaves Western theology together with ancient myth in a way that will make readers question what they think they know about angels. Oh, and it’s going to be made into a doubtlessly terrible movie.