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Stasiland by Anna Funder is a book about individuals who resisted the East German regime, and others who worked for its secret police, the Stasi. Funder’s Stasiland tells stories of people who heroically resisted the communist dictatorship of East Germany, and of people who. Stasiland: Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall [Anna Funder] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Stasiland demonstrates that great.

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Review: Stasiland by Anna Funder | Books | The Guardian

I was disappointed at some of her judgey critiques of people she encounters, their appearances particularly that of the appearance of a disabled man who was the baby trapped at the other side of the Berlin Wall. Retrieved from ” https: Because the two are two sides of the same coin. She allows ex-Stasi operatives an equal chance to reflect on their achievements, and finds—to her dismay and ours—that they have learned nothing.

If you’ve got nothing to hide May 21, Belinda Carvalho rated it really liked it Shelves: Anna Funder trained as an international and human rights lawyer, interests which she continues to pursue in her professional and public life as a writer.

View all 30 comments. What do you do when it is gone? There are the grisly details like the Smell Jars and Radiation Tagging too reminiscent of recent story of Mr Litvinenkothe nightmare of the Wall and the upside-down logic of the Security State.

Inside this home for the bewildered, the schizophrenic inmates feigned contentment in a Marxist paradise,while enduring an Orwellian hell.

Stasiland : Anna Funder :

Stasi agents would manipulate objects and leave traces of their presence inside an individual’s home to terrorize them and make them doubt their sanity, deliberately creating disappointments and escalating fears in an individual’s life.


She gives voice to people who want to forget and to others who want everyone to remember. It deals with the mindset and psychology of those who viewed it as a means of “defending their state” and their “world view” and the experiences, at the hands of the DDR ‘s staailand of fhnder control, of those who took a different view.

View all 8 comments. Funder finds evidence of about 20 to 30 secret burials in Leipzig – but over how long a period? The victims story are for some tragic such as a mother separated from her sick son for years when the Berlin Wall went up to people who would be sent to prison and tortured for refusing to go along with the countries ways and try and escape.

Stasiland : Stories From Behind The Berlin Wall

Clinging to their faded notions of self-importance, these spies who came in from the Cold War are eager to tell their stories: Funder went to primary school in Melbourne and Paris; she attended Star of the Sea College and graduated as Dux in One of the rules of reunification stated that to be prosecuted, Stasi officers had to be found to have violated the law of the DDR – which gave most of them impunity, as they were acting with this very law.

The targets were under constant surveillance, stasilabd Stasi agents had access to their most personal information: It is an Orwellian nightmare and it really happened.

It almost feels like being in a similar boat. From ordinary citizens to the cartographer who painted the actual lines where the wall would go.

If that was real, well then just about anything could happen in the future. The Stasi did not need to arrest and beat their subjects to a pulp; rather, the agency aimed to utterly break and annihilate a person’s will and character by employing a series of elaborate strategies aimed against them. Can it really be how commercial everything is?


It is really haunting and we never discover what actually happened to him. Retrieved 13 August So she moves to San Francisco where they have parades to celebrate rape victims because the authorities in Germany didn’t care her rapist went to funver but she fears he’ll get released with the political criminals by mistake.

For example, one elderly man is recounting a story that happened decades ago to his WIFE, not even his own story but one we get third-hand and in the middle of his wife’s story, retold by him, we are breathlessly informed that ‘the only sound was of the other men rifling through her apartment.

View all 3 comments. Il mio pensiero va a Charlie, autore di queste splendide parole, e a tutti quelli che come lui, per restare liberi, sono diventati di questa terra.

Funder practically stalks one lady, Miriam her motivation for the book, or so she says who is still trying to find out if the stasi murdered her husband or not. The East German Stasi was the world’s best and most efficient secret police, the textbook definition of the omnipresent Big Brother.

The story of Miriam and Charlie is so sad. How is the current west capitalism? View all 5 comments.