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APM datasheet, APM circuit, APM data sheet: ANPEC – Dual N- Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFET,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet. SO-8 Package. • Power Management in Notebook Computer,. Portable Equipment and Battery Powered. Systems. APM Handling Code. Temp. Range. APM Datasheet PDF Download – Dual N-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFET, APM data sheet.

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Road Warrior I have that board from over a year ago. Let’s see whether I’ll have time to check out the datazheet and if there are still anything to solve.

Data Sheet Catalog: Begin marking SMD with A

I bet with a volt mod to the core done correctly, this thing could do Here’s a diagram, and a link to the PDF datasheet. Someone finally found the vmod. Unfortunately scanning the back of the card isn’t an option, cause I got so much junk on there: Don’t have any RAM apn7313, afterall.

So I really have no idea what controls the VCore.

Do you remember how high value you had when making that mod? AM – Phenoms will torch this one. I know for a fact that this board has been visited by more than its share of hardware geniuses in the past. Hi guys, Just been apm73133 up some data on this mobo I just got in case I want to tweak anything This one takes Phenoms up to 95W.


Which output is controlling Vmem and how you performed that mod: Are your card looking like this top view: Just grabbing the chip data while they’re easy to read, to look for vcore and vdimm mods in case it won’t clock much, or takes me tantalisingly close to some target but is just a tad short of stable. I also had trouble loading OSes on it for some reason.

Here the information about vmem and vgpu mods of PX Well I went ahead and vmodded the memory. Maybe you have the early ECS cousin? Not quite sure where I’m going to stick my fingers or scribble with the magic pencil yet TPs test points are small metallized holes in the board.

I agree most of things you wrote: Not as good as the ATI cousin. Again, anybody with any insight they can think of, please post it. Also might be fixable just by sticking a sink on ’em There’s a couple more “Geforce” boards with different letters, one of them wasn’t well regarded, only ran the PCIe slot at 8x.


You told to have some fatasheet when altering one apm313 of regulator pin Went from around to So this thread represents a quest of mine to find the VCore volt mod for this particular card. Thanks for the response, SikaRippa, and no it’s not that one in the pic you linked to. If the new versions are better then great. It not sits on a shelf. I’ve also tried it with pin 7 and 10, resulting in no percievable changes.

MOSFET N / P-Channel SO-8 package

I’ve tried pin 17, which changes what I thought was the VCore I found a read point on the card that reads 1. The potential is there, I think. I over used not abused several of their boards and all but the have been reliable. I’m going to throw a AM2 sempy it and see if it still plays. In that top foto, could you locate any ‘interesting’ extra IC’s?

I don’t believe it. No clue what the voltage is, but I don’t feel like going any higher anyway.