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The Aprilaire Model Energy Recovery Ventilator System (ERV): Provides a constant, controlled supply of fresh air to your home. Aprilaire. ENERGY RECOVERY VENTILATORS. MODEL • Provides year- round fresh air. • Recovers 77% of the apparent heating or cooling energy from. Brand new Aprilaire Energy Recovery Ventilators at Wholesale Prices & Free Shipping – Returning Customers get Extra 15% Off by using our Free VIP.

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The amount of air, rated in cubic feet per minute, that the unit can move.

This technology enables the transfer of moisture as well as heat. Essentially, the Aprilaire Energy Recovery Ventilator is an efficient, effective way apilaire exchange stale inside air for fresh outdoor air. If ordered by 1 p.

Replacement Parts Boiler System Components. Enter ZIP code to get local Promos change zip?

Aprilaire 8100

All items on your order must be in stock for same-day shipping. Alpine Home Air Products. CST M-F, ships same day. I like to buy appliances that are both affordable and cost effective.

The popularity of the enthalpic-type ventilator has increased all over the country because of its superior ability to control humidity levels in both winter and summer.


ERV’s are used for warmer, more humid climates with long cooling seasons. Fantech IR 6 6in. Please login or register before adding a question. I found this model in your online store and bought it much cheaper than I expected.

Call back in 5 minutes 15 minutes 30 minutes 1 hour 1. Write Your Own Review: Accessories Sorry this feature requires JavaScript. Click here to recover your password.

Services Pro Installation Option. Please enable your browser’s cookies to use this site. The EnergyMax transfer core is highly powerful in exchanging aprilaird and stuffy air for fresh air. A Todd Arthurs Company, Inc.

Aprilaire Energy Recovery Ventilator, V – 6″ Duct

Fantech COM 6M 6in. Noise is also reduced, since you can enjoy fresh air without leaving windows open. Rack up your Westside Dollars in the following ways: Air Apilaire The amount of air, rated in aprilqire feet per minute, that the unit can move. In Alpine Home Air Products became the first company to sell heating, air conditioning and indoor air-quality products online. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. You will have the opportunity to view our recommended accessorices after adding a product to your cart.

One of the most energy efficient, environmentally green ways to circulate fresh air into your home is with the Aprilaire V Energy Recovery Ventilator for a 6″ Duct.


Expert Assistance Get expert assistance from our team. Fantech RC6 Roof Caps, 6in.

Plus, a fresher, safer home is a home with greater value. Fantech LD 6 Silencer, 6in. Aprliaire exhaust airstream is partially dehumidified so that the exhaust air seldom reaches the dew point. Water Heaters Tankless Water Heaters. The climate conditions where you live will determine whether you need a Heat Recovery Ventilator or an Energy Recovery Ventilator.

Fremont, CA [ Change ]. In Stock and Ready to Ship. The result is greater indoor comfort at the lowest possible cost. Avoid any hold time, let us call you!

The best part is that the filtered air and the stale air never cross, giving you fresh air without the contamination of filtered particles. In summer, warm fresh air passes near outgoing conditioned air, cooling it down.

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