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AquaLogic Service Bus architecture is centered around an Enterprise Service Bus. The bus provides message delivery services, based on standards including . BEA Systems, Inc. was a company specialized in enterprise infrastructure software products . BEA AquaLogic Service Bus, an enterprise service bus ( ESB) with operational service-management that allows the interaction between services. BEA Systems AquaLogic Service Bus Despite limited built-in support for integration with external data sources, excellent Web services.

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After the server is started, you must run esrvice build script to:. On a single server that also serves as the administration server. Authentication, encryption and decryption, and digital signatures as defined in the Web Services Security WS-Security specification Uses SSL to support traditional transport-level security for HTTP and JMS transport protocols Xervice and two-way certificate based authentication HTTP basic authentication Encrypt and export aqualohic resources such as service accounts, proxy service providers, UDDI registries, SMTP providers, and JNDI providers that contain username and passwords Create service accounts and proxy service providers within a session, and add servic user name, password, and credential alias binding within the same session.

The request pipeline definition specifies the actions that AquaLogic Service Bus performs on request messages to the proxy service before invoking a business service or another proxy service. The workaround uses the subst command to shorten the classpath passed by ant. It is believed that Carl Icahnone of the company’s most prominent shareholders, was the main reason that the deal happened.

Cross Site Request Forgery.

BEA Systems

The context of a proxy service is a set of XML variables that are shared across the request flow and response flow. In such cases, you would configure a message flow definition to route a message to the appropriate business service and map the message data into the format required by the business service’s interface. The implementation of a proxy service is specified by a message flow definition. Provide the basic steps that will help you to learn to configure more complicated scenarios.

They are the interface that service consumers use to connect with managed back-end services. It grew to have 78 offices worldwide at the time of its acquisition by Oracle. Any use of this information is at the user’s risk. This logic includes such activities as transformation, publishing, and reporting, which are implemented as individual actions within the stages of a pipeline. Follow these steps to shorten the classpath:.


Archived from the original on 20 March This tutorial highlights specific features available in AquaLogic Service Bus.

BEA Systems – AquaLogic Service Bus Documentation

Route messages according to XQuery-based policies or callouts to external Web services. This can be used for message enrichment, for routing decisions or for customizing the behavior of a proxy service. It enables content-based routing of messages and data transformation.

You will learn how to configure and use BEA AquaLogic Service Bus to resolve the business scenarios presented in the specified use cases. For publish, routing policies serve as subscription filters Routing table abstracted from proxy services, that enables modification of routes without having to re-configure proxy service definitions Identity-based routing, to bhs clients into user-defined groups and apply routing policies based on these groups.

The last nodes in a branch leaf nodes may be route nodes or echo ubs. AquaLogic Service Bus built-in test console is a browser-based test environment used to validate resources and inline XQuery expressions used in the message flow. It is not involved in data processing but is responsible for returning response messages to service consumers and handles meta-data for messages, including endpoint URIs, transport headers, etc. Edit the setEnv script setEnv.

Enter the username you specified when creating the domain. The tutorials describe a typical Mortgage broker bue for a loan application request. This section provides an architectural overview of AquaLogic Service Bus and highlights operational features that enable rapid service integration, provisioning, and management across a heterogeneous IT infrastructure.

Stores information about services, schemas, transformations, WSDLs Web Service Definition Languageand WS Policies Provides centralized management and distributed access to resources and services Allows browsing of services registered in AquaLogic Service Bus and import of resources from WebLogic Workshop or other applications Allows the propagation of configuration data from environment to environment for example, from a development domain to a test domain to a production domain.

This cluster can host other applications in addition to AquaLogic Service Bus. Communication between different departments is achieved through a federated network of ESBs, which talk to each other, often through firewalls.

Create a new AquaLogic Service Bus domain in which to develop the tutorials. There are no restrictions on what can be exported.


Oracle Linux Oracle Solaris. Configure system to format and send error messages, and return messages for consumers of services who expect a synchronous response Configure error handling logic for pipeline stages, entire pipeline, and for proxy services Generate alerts based on message context in a pipeline, to send to an alert destination. Global Operational Settings and operational values for proxy and business services. AquaLogic Service Bus provides the following security features:.

To test the deployed Web service, Enter ant run then press Enter. Feeds or widget will contain only vulnerabilities of this product Selected vulnerability types are OR’ed. Henley Mark Hurd Jack F. The following figure illustrates a high-level message flow process through the AquaLogic Service Bus, from inbound endpoint proxy service to outbound endpoint service transport URL – a business service or another proxy service.

After you complete the vus required to set up the tutorials, you are ready to proceed to Tutorial 1. It facilitates these capabilities by allowing the configuration of proxy services with interfaces that are independent of the end-point business services. Serice statistics about message invocations, errors, performance characteristics, messages passed and SLA violations Send SLA-based alerts as SNMP traps, enabling integration with third-party ESM solutions Support for logging selected parts of messages for both systems operations and business auditing purposes Search capabilities by extracting key information from a message and use as it as a search index.

The message flow defines the flow of request and response messages through the proxy service.

The following sections describe each layer involved in this message processing. Aqualogid AquaLogic Service Bus, monitoring statistics are gathered locally and aggregated centrally. See how message processing by AquaLogic Service Bus is driven by metadata specified as the message flow definition for a proxy service in the AquaLogic Service Bus Console.

The inbound transport layer is the communication layer between client services or service consumers and AquaLogic Service Bus. In the examples directory, on the command line, run the following command: The associated files are located in the following directory:.