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The Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) 5th Edition is a literal translation of the very oldest known Aramaic New Testament texts. This is a study Bible with. Aramaic English New Testament 5th Edition is translated from the First Century (John ) AENT God bless all those who read this and share His word. Aramaic English New Testament 5th Edition has 53 ratings and 5 reviews. Gary said: The Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) Bible is translated from copi.

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Returns on donations will not be accepted. Sep 27, Paul Dawn Jr. Barry Kendall rated it it was amazing Mar 04, There are copious amounts of footnotes within the AENT that explain differences within the Aramaic family of texts. Roth also explains the almost-unbelievably numerous errors made by the early anti-Semitic, and anti-Torah, Catholic leaders’ Sent translations.

Aramaic English New Testament

This study edition has over footnotes and pages of appendixes explaining Hebrew and Aramaic terms and definitions. Nancy rated it it was amazing Oct 26, Hajar rated it it was amazing Dec 23, The author also helpfully adds extensive commentary on the actual Jewish and Netzarim cultural contexts of the Renewed Covenant. Every copy sold through me and JTOD.

It is one of the best known and most popular Renewed Covenant Study Bibles used by many Netzarim http: Unfortunately, in many cases original meaning was lost.

It’s well worth the price. Will share more soon. I find it thrilling that the ancient text is here published in letter-for-letter accuracy, since the Church of the East has faithfully copied it by hand all these years, while keeping the text out of Rome’s reach.


Israel orders shipped from Jerusalem. Who was the AENT developed for?

Welcome to – The Aramaic English New Testament

The Aramaic is in Hebrew pointed aramakc making many Aramaic words easy to recognize to those who read Hebrew. I am overjoyed right now The most ancient readings are restored in the Aramaic and then translated into English.

In other words, a diglot. Michal rated it it was amazing Jun 09, Gwen Brown rated it it was amazing Sep 29, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Dr Rik Wadge, Senior Pastor. Sean rated it it was amazing Sep 02, Ken Cagle rated it it was amazing May 11, Discover the first New Testament, now available in English: A great resource tool! It is so amazing Jason Diederich rated it it was amazing Dec 23, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn and learn from the correct sources. For Messianic Jews there are numerous ancient Aramaic terms and definitions presented with Hebrew cognates from the Tanakh Old Arzmaic that puts much light on difficult or controversial verses.

Welcome to the new AENT.org

That’s up to you. How is the Aramaic Testamennt New Testament different? He also explains Paul’s seeming condemnation of Torah instructions for “righteousness” [right-living] plus circumcision. Also, he Roth has deftly incorporated his rational interpretation of many ideas kicked around in this forum and balanced them with good judgment.

Lots of wonderful “extras” included in this text but you must filter through Roth’s strong words directed towards the Westernized Christian Church.


A diverse tapestry of Jewish and Christian ideologists has nww provided thousands of hours of unbiased peer review. They had right back to Alexander The Great’s successor, Antiochus.

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Paulette Vilardi rated it it was amazing Nov 20, Want to Read saving…. Mario Brooks rated it it was amazing May 11, The AENT will become an important reference resource to everyone who wants to learn the original teachings testamemt Y’shua Jesus and his followers. For Jews who do not subscribe to Y’shua as Mashiyach Ben Yosephyou will discover a world of provocative ancient Jewish thought that is rarely understood and discussed in Jewish circles.

There are numerous examples in the Greek New Testament that reveal Greek cultural and religious bias that eventually became “the Gospel. Englisn Messiah was and is revealed in enw Hebrew and Aramaic terms that are nonexistent in Greek. R Allen Sims rated it liked it Sep 27, Furthermore, sending your business to me helps me to keep going in ministry here in the Holy Land.

The Peshitta is a collection of copies of the original manuscripts. There are no mistakes. Hardcoverpages. He explains the incredible distortion regarding what Yahshuah and His Apostles actually taught about the “Written Torah” first five books of the Hebrew Bible and the Rabbinical Aenf Talmud man-made, onerous rules and traditions, added to God’s Word to exercise control over the Jews.