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He is a founding member of Archigram, is the chair of the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London & a principal in the firm of Cook & Hawley. Archigram [Peter Cook] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In late , in various flats in Hampstead, a loose group of people started to. Archigram was an avant-garde architectural group formed in the s – based at the The main members of the group were Peter Cook, Warren Chalk, Ron.

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He has always been the most loquacious and media-friendly member of the group: Now, it will be literally worth its small weight in gold, or more, for this flimsy tablet of stone, this home-made harbinger of a technological future, is rare and collectible.

Fabricating the Modern Dwelling July 20 — October 20 All requests to license audio or video footage produced by MoMA should be addressed to Scala Archives at firenze scalarchives. Show 25 25 50 All. Sadler, op citp. Peter Cook, a founding member of Archigram, was instrumental in fostering the British counterculture in the s.

We were interested in how the consumer could be part of the design process, not a recipient. Views Read Edit View history. Archigram agitated to prevent modernism from becoming pteer sterile and safe orthodoxy by its adherents.

Peter Cook (architect)

The Booka page compendium of the magazines and related works, assembled and edited by Crompton. The overall flexible and impermanent form would thus reflect the needs and collective will of the inhabitants. The Changing of the Avant-Garde: The name of the group, according to Cook, was to be “analogous to a thing like a message or some abstract communication, telegram, aerogramme, etc. The effect is a deliberate overstimulation to produce mass culture, with an embrace of advertising aesthetics.

More information is also available about the film collection and the Circulating Film and Video Library. The given notions of form and space were to be overridden and pter apart, driven by the curiosity to explore what a future world may look like and question whether architectural language is at all set by boundaries.


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Peter Cook’s Plug-In City was one of the many vast, visionary creations to come out of the collaborative and radical British architectural group Archigram. Walking Cities, I venture. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Archigram Books that matter.

Unlike ephemeralisation from Buckminster Fuller which assumes more must be done with less material archigfam material is finiteArchigram relies on a future of interminable resources. Designer Theo Crosby was the “hidden hand” behind the group. Committed to a ‘high tech’, light weight, infra-structural approach that was focused towards survival technology, the group experimented with modular technology, mobility through the environment, space capsules and mass-consumer imagery.

Like pop artists at around the same time, they wanted their art form to draw energy from the explosions of technology and consumer culture that were happening all around them.

Some of their contraptions look like terribly contrived and complicated ways to achieve their stated ends. The citizen is therefore a serviced nomad not totally dissimilar from today’s executive cars. Praeger Publishers- Architecture – pages. Its price was sixpence, in old money. Cook does most of the talking, even when questions are directed at others.

Sixpack France dedicated their Summer Spring Collection to this movement. The network would include a high-speed monorail, and hovercrafts would serve as moving buildings. If you have additional information or spotted an error, please send feedback to digital moma. Their works offered a seductive vision of a glamorous future machine age; however, social and environmental issues were left unaddressed.

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Similarly with Archigramwhose vivid collages gave form and voice to a generation impatient with the dry prescriptions of mainstream modernists. Plug-in-City is a mega-structure with no buildings, just a massive framework into which ;eter in the form of cells or standardised components could be slotted.

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Peter Cook – Domus

The context was perceived as a future ruined world in the aftermath of a nuclear war. At the same time they brought a British mindset to their creations, which owed as much to seaside piers as to Cape Canaveral.

Archlgram their biggest gift to architecture is an attitude. They loved the capsules and ;eter that went with the Apollo moonshots, and wanted to transfer them to Earth-bound buildings.

It was a baggy enough group to contain differences of opinion. This group whose peyer originated from the architectural pamphlet, Archigram, was founded in the s by young British architecture graduates who strove to break away from traditional architectural office routine and continue the discourse stimulated during their studies.

Archigram were an influential architectural component of the “British invasion,” the influx of British culture into the United States of the s. Another, Michael Webbis now based in New York.

Archigram – Peter Cook – Google Books

He promoted the view that the preceding modernist period’s functionalist architecture was worn out. Buckminster Fuller and Yona Friedman were also important sources of inspiration. Topics Architecture The Observer.

Maximum Pressure Area, project Section Intended to accommodate and encourage changes necessitated by obsolescence, on an as-needed basis, the building nodes houses, offices, supermarkets, universitieseach with a different lifespan, would plug into a main “craneway”, itself designed to last only forty years. The possibilities of offset litho printing in the year of its making,are fully explored. The machine had taken over and people were the raw material being processed, the difference being that people are meant to enjoy the experience.

By the early s the strategy of the group had changed. My library Help Advanced Book Search.