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2. Ariadne auf Naxos. Opera in One Act with a Prologue. Music by Richard Strauss. Libretto by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. First Performance. Libretto by Giuseppe Giacosa and Luigi lllica, based on episodes from As revised, Ariadne auf Naxos premiered at the Hofoper in Vienna on. Ariadne auf Naxos ( version) (). Duration: minutes. Opera in one act with a prologue (Revised version of score). English Deutsch. Libretto by .

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Other important pieces of the opera are the arias of Ariadne Wo war ich? With loving care she tends herself, for soon The day will dawn when in her mantle’s folds She will enwrap herself, and in a shroud, Covering her face, will gladly lay herself, To rest among the dead.

The Major Domo announces dinner has ended and that both opera and comedy must be played simultaneously so the fireworks can begin at 9 pm.

And sing’st thou, as thou spinnest, songs of magic? The nymphs try to rouse her, but she refuses to stir and declares her intention of waiting for death. Magician thou, that changest all!

Stepping in between the four dancers. In a comic interlude, each of the clowns pursues Zerbinetta. Then she turns her charms on the composer and he is smitten, standing in a daze when she leaves. Music composed by Richard Strauss. Ariadne without turning her head, to herself, as if the last words fomd part of her dream. Dunkel wird auf meinen Augen, Deine Hand auf meinem Herzen sein.


Was not the world’s weight on my breast? But ’tis folly past believing To pine in this fashion.

Ariadne auf Naxos

And libreto these maidens thy attendants? Zerbinetta and the comedians cannot believe in her desperation and Harlequin vainly tries to cheer her with a song about the joys of life.

She is as entranced! Vergisst du gleich wieder diesen einen Augenblick?

Bacchus with a sound as of playful scorn, a little nearer. Day by day benumbed by sorrow, Dryad.

Is there, then, no Beyond? A useless burden am I to the earth. Half knowing what I do, and half as in a dream, At last I deceive him, yet love him right well.

Es hat auch einen Namen: In der Mitte ein runder Tisch.

She does nothing but complain. Love and Hate and Hope and Terror Every pleasure, every pain, Human heart can bear their anguish Once, and many a time suf. I must arouse myself: Ditto, for Piano Solo That a woman’s heart should ever, Ever know itself so ill.

Zerbinetta horcht von rechts. How caress repays caress! What ill was in thy mind, enchantress, To wreak on me? After Zerbinetta’s ” Wie er feurig sich erniedert! Der Sinn des Gottes ist wach in mir, Dein herrlich Wesen ganz zu fassen!


A ravishing girl, whose relationship to me afu be closer, more vital Zerbinetta. Zerbinetta’s Voice also invisible. She continues to long for the purity of the land of death. Brighella leaps clumsily towards Zerbinetta. The composer has a confrontation with an insolent lackey when he wants to give instructions to uaf musicians and discovers they are playing dinner music for the guests, but his indignation vanishes as a musical inspiration strikes him.

When I felt his first caresses, Captive was I of the god. Ariadne bowing her head. All join in, singing and dancing. Jourdain makes a deep bow in the direction of the door. Opera seria in three acts. And do not all our senses long for it? Thou libretfo god serene! Verraten Sie mich nicht. A thing of beauty “Theseus” ’twas.

OPERA-GUIDE: Ariadne auf Naxos

Ariadne hanging on his arm. Es ist die Zerbinetta. Now fares Ariadne forth from hence. Du sprachst von einem Trank!

Indessen ist man ganz munter geworden: Like birds that nutter, Like leaves all faded Drives he them on. I gave orders that. Zerbinetta and the Composer find they have something in common when Zerbinetta tells him ‘A moment is nothing – a glance is much’.