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It seems like there is a surge in interest of people who are interested in investing in an arowana breeding farm. These investors are of course only interested in. The Asian arowana (Scleropages formosus) comprises several phenotypic varieties of . Captive-bred arowanas that are legal for trade under CITES are documented in two ways. First, fish farms provide each buyer with a certificate of . The Australian version of the Arowana is the Saratoga, both the Jardini and Leichardti are great additions, they uphold the same characteristics as the Arowana’s.

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Declining habitat is a major threat. According to author Emily Voigt, the arowana has been cause for kidnappings, canings and even arowaba. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

While younger arowana prefer to be kept in fairly large groups of 6 or more, they can turn extremely territorial and aggressive towards one other when reaching maturity. The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology: Views Read Edit View history. They are considered monotypicbreedihg of closely related haplotypes. Search results for Osteoglossum formosum.

In juveniles, the areas destined to develop golden colour start out metallic silver. Aquarists recommend live foods and meaty prepared foods.

A well cared for arowana will often live for up to 15 to 20 years. Shin Min Daily News.

Arowana are mouth brooders and the males of the species carry the eggs in their mouths until the fry are hatched and their yolk sacks are fully absorbed.

In mature fish, the top of the eye and the head behind the eye are bright emerald.


Arowana’s – caring breeding and feeding these aquarium fish

Asian arowana Super red arowana Conservation status. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. International Institute for Advanced Studies: Its popularity has soared since the late s, and hobbyists may pay thousands of U. Arowanas in the wild have been spotted jumping 10 feet or more to capture insects and birds. Arowanas are carnivores and have strong predatory instincts.

They mostly swim near the surface region of the aquarium and are incredibly powerful jumpers. Sometimes referred to as the dragon fish, aowana are one of the most beautiful and most fascinating species of fish in the aquarium trade. Arowanabonytoungesdragon fishexpensiveexperienced aquaristsfreshwater fishJurassic era. They can arosana fed on a diet of feeder goldfish, frogs and shrimp.

Beginning inCITES began allowing Asian arowanas to be traded, provided certain criteria were met, most notably that they were bred in captivity on a fish farm for at least two generations.

The gill rakers are stout. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Scleropages formosus. Due to their demanding nature and sheer size, the task of raising this fish should only be attempted by dedicated and experienced aquarist. Arowana eggs are bright orange in color and the fry look like tiny arowaa during the arowanaa few weeks of their lives.

The anal fin and the bottom portion of the caudal fin are light brown to dark red. Genetic fingerprinting has been used to assess the genetic diversity of a captive population at a Singapore fish farm to improve the management of this species. The prominent lower jaw has two barbels at its tip. Scleropages macrocephalus Pouyaud et al. Both the fertilized eggs and larvae are brooded within the male’s mouth. Several distinct, naturally occurring colour varieties are recognised as haplotypeseach found in a specific geographic region.


For this reason most arowana keepers prefer to keep arowanas alone. The mouth is oblique with a very wide gape. Other nations restrict or prohibit possession of Asian arowanas; for example, the United States has listed this species under the Endangered Species Actso it cannot be kept in that country without a permit.

Surface Suitable Tank Mates: Asian arowanas bear teeth on many bones of the mouth, including the jaws, vomer, palatines, pterygoids, parasphenoid, and tongue.

This classification was based on both morphometrics and a phylogenetic analysis using the cytochrome b gene, and includes arowwna species:.

Breedijg most fish, the Asian arowana reaches sexual maturity relatively late, after 3—4 yr. Native to Southeast AsiaAsian arowanas inhabit blackwater riversslow-moving waters flowing through forested swamps and wetlands. The back is dark brown. Green arowanas are dark green on the back, silvery or golden green on its sides, and silvery or whitish on the ventral surface, with dark greenish or bluish patches visible through the lateral scales.

Asian arowana – Wikipedia

Arowana are extremely heavy eaters and tend to produce a lot of waste. This popularity has had both positive and negative effects on their status as endangered species. The arowana has a bony head and a long, powerful body. Aquarium Sciences and Conservation. They are also one of the most expensive species of aquarium fish, with some adult specimens commanding tens of thousands of dollars. After the eggs are fertilized, the Asian arowana exhibits great parental care with paternal mouthbrooding.