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By Artur Yusupov Chess Evolution 3: Mastery is the final book in a nine volume series designed to take club players to a 3 The comparison method 1-artur yusupov the fundamentals series Build up your chess 3 – mastery ( U) or Chess evolution 3 – mastery (U). jlfeliu. Chess Evolution 3: Mastery. Artur Yusupov. Secrets of Creative Thinking. Mark Dvoretsky, Artur Yusupov. Secrets of Endgame Technique: 3. Artur Yusupov.

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Chess Evolution 3 – Mastery by Artur Yusupov, Improvement chess book by Quality Chess

Make sure you read some of the books written by Max Euwe, former world champion but he was also a school teacher and the reason that the Dutch have done extremely well at chess. The Fundamentals level is the easiest one, Beyond the Basics is more challenging, and Mastery is quite difficult, even for stronger players.

Yusupov has also been a frequent contributor to Dvoretsky’s books and has been a second and advisor to both Viswanathan Anand and Peter Leko during their world championship campaigns. Ka rated it it was amazing May 11, But Artru absolutely had to try to block the queenside.

While a large majority of chess books on the market deal primarily artu the first phase of the game there can be no doubt that for those rated below the target audience of the proper approach is teaching them the fundamentals which is precisely evolufion this series does.


Tactics Khenkin’s Checkmate Combinations, as mentioned on Page 1, is evolutoon. In the early s, he returned to his Moscow apartment one day and came upon burglars.

His f4-Knight has enough squares to prevent Black forcing it into zugzwang. Artur Yusupov was ranked No. I guess the moral of the story is that one book may offer a wealth of knowledge to one player, but be completely useless to another.

Published April 16th by Quality Chess first published February 19th My emphasis is on tactics simply because, in the past when I was active and had put a cness of time into studyit was a study of tactics and mating patterns that yyusupov the easiest to grasp and which produced the quickest results. Hard work will be required to get the most out of the exercises, but it is always accessible and very nicely presented”.

Hard work will be required to get the most out of the exercises, but it is always accessible and very nicely presented” Sean MarshCHESS “I would like to once again draw attention to the perfect chess lessons by Artur Yusupov, published in no less than nine beautiful parts by Quality Chess. Desafinado added it Dec 23, Ran Shay marked it as to-read Feb 03, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Chess Evolution 3

Take silman’s How to Reassess Fvolution Chess for example. George Slotsve added it Sep 04, He also won the Canadian Open Chess Championship. Mukund marked it as to-read Mar 16, Build up your chess 1 — fundamentals U Build up your chess 2 — beyond the basics U Build up your chess qrtur — mastery U or Abhinav Shetty marked it as to-read Oct 06, Views Read Edit View history.

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But that level of positional understanding is not likely going to be the product of a study of just one or two books that deal with the topic. Perhaps Winter wanted to swap off a potential weakness, the h3-pawn.

Middlegames Simple Chessby Michael Stean.

Artur Yusupov (chess player) – Wikipedia

One way they can increase and rekindle their love of the game is by learning more about it. I would recommend them to a highly cness student who has already hit at least OTB. But yes, these are challenging books and even the orange ones contain exercises that are of interest to players lot stronger than Chit Maung marked it as to-read Feb 05, I immediately understood that it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park Did Magnus Carlsen innovate anything in the theory of chess?

Worzel marked it as to-read Sep 06,