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Telephone conversations will never be the same again, considering the host of advanced features in the two ISDN telephones we reviewed–the Eurit 20 and. Name Eurit 20/30/40 Phone API Version v Author Stefan Briesenick (see EMail This is a DLL to use the ascom Eurit 20/30/40 phones in REXX. 6 Operating Manual ascom Eurit Operating and Display Elements P 4 5 6 1 23 10 1 Operating and Display Elements 1 The display Your telephone is.

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The call is now parked. If several telephones are operated on the same connection, only one telephone may be authorized for emergency operation.

Never carry your telephone by the connection cable. As soon as you make a call, the date and time are reset and the time display stops blinking. The programmed number is dialled immediately the handset is lifted and any key is pressed.

Ascom ascotel office 20 manual lift

Setting The Date Programming your telephone Setting the date Press the Foxkey for 3 seconds, followed by the numbers “1” and “5”. Press the memory key for 3 seconds and enter the code one digit under which you wish to store the telephone number. However, since eugit is no hands-free microphone, you can only talk through the handset. Eurit 20 ascom By purchasing an Eurit 20 you have chosen a Swiss quality product. Enter the correct date.

Enter the correct time.

Never use the telephone near water. Do not use cleansing agents or chemical substances to clean your telephone. The functions are activated or deactivated by pressing the Foxkey followed by the corresponding number see also page 4, Example of activating a function. Display message for clearing all programmed data.

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The intelligent Foxkey for user-friendly menu guidance, integrated help function ascomm four languages, time and date display and a conferencing option complete the phone’s integrated multi-user functionality. Programming Your Telephone Programming your telephone When programming leave the handset on the rest. Press the END key to return to default display mode.

Do not touch the plug contacts with pointed or metallic objects.

Ascom Eurit – ISDN telephone – DECT\GAP at Backoffice

Manufactured in Switzerland by: Operating And Display Elements Operating and Display Elements The display Your telephone is equipped with a character display 2 Foxkey multi-function bar key Press the Foxkey briefly to switch to function mode Press the Foxkey for 3 seconds to switch to programming mode Memory key Scrolls the list of callers, stores programmed procedures, speed-dialling Emergency switch Beneath the label Don’t show me this message again.

Your telephone is covered by a month guarantee from the date of purchase. The display prompts you to enter the parking ID. However, since there is no hands-free microphone, you can euriit talk through the handset.

After around 8 seconds the charge is automatically indicated. aacom

Ringing volume is set to low. During the call after around 8 seconds the display indicates the charge and duration of the active call, provided you are a subscriber to this service. A ring-back remains active for around 40 minutes, after which it is automatically cancelled by the exchange. Press the Foxkey for 3 seconds, followed by numbers “1” and “9”. Important information on your ISDN connection The number of features depends on the type of connection you have ordered.


Press the Foxkey to delete the old charging unit, and enter the new charging unit. The Foxkey allows you to delete a preprogrammed exchange access code and terminate the procedure using the memory key. Switches the set back to default mode 8 Parking key Parks or retrieves a call 9 Loudspeaker key Switches the loudspeaker on and off for listening by loudspeaker and hands-free calling, sets volume in handset 10 Last number redial Allows the last 9 dialled numbers to be retrieved 11 Quick-reference guide 1 ascom Eurit 20 By purchasing an ascom Eurit 20 you have chosen a Swiss quality product.

If this happens you must restart programming. Plug the telephone connection cable only into the telephone socket designed for it. Show basket Hide basket. Press the memory key to initiate the clearing procedure. Handset on-hook Display in default mode, showing date and time Press the Foxkey The function mode is displayed Enter the desired function number e.

Your Telecom will provide information on the introduction date eeurit this service. Enter the parking ID. If you receive a call while programming, the programming procedure is automatically aborted. The software version is displayed. Ascom Zelcom AG P. The preprogrammed direct-call number is displayed even in default mode. Making a call Incoming calls For incoming calls, the caller’s number is displayed even before you lift the handset.

In emergency operation the display is switched off.