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Asma brônquica. In: Leão E, Corrêa EJ, Viana MB, Mota JA, editors. Pediatria Ambulatorial. 4th ed. Belo Horizonte: Coopmed; pp. – 3. Asher MI . ASMA – Aula residência Pediatria Santa Casa Patologia e patogenia Inflamação brônquica Alérgenos Linf. Th2 Citocinas Mastóc. Veja grátis o arquivo A asma na criança: classificação e tratamento enviado sobre os aspectos cognitivos e emocionais de crianças com asma brônquica.

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As we demonstrated in an earlier study, the medical diagnosis of asthma generates sub-diagnoses and could potentially interfere with possible public health policies which are to be implanted 3. Esse ano faltei muito! Eur Resp J ; 7: I wake up very tired; I stay the whole day at school. Asma em escolares brasileiros: Ann Allergy ; The choice to study adolescents with persistent asthma was based on the chronic aspect of the disease, which, in such cases, has a higher possibility of limitations for physical activity, sleep loss, need for monitoring in health services, and routine use of medications that may result in side effects.

J Invest Allergol Clin Immunol ; 6: J Pediatr Rio J ; My mother stays up all night.

Jornal de Pediatria – Print page

International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood: Strictly in accordance with the steps described in the procedures to verify theoretical saturation, 11 record units 12 were identified, i. Clin Exp Allergy ; Considering these facts and pediatra order to contribute to the implementation of this comprehensive care, this study aimed to evaluate the influence of the adolescence characteristics on asthma management from the perspective of the adolescents assisted in primary care.


However, the leniency and carelessness by for some family members are also present in the daily life of asthmatic adolescents.

She will not let me wash my hair at night, have cold drinks Vronquica here to print this page. I went out without a purse once and got sick. Leukotriene antag- onists and synthesis inhbitors: Foram realizadas entrevistas semiestruturadas orientadas por um roteiro de perguntas.

I left home at half past seven, at eight o’clock I started to feel sick.

Our clothes become black with dust. The ethical dimension involved in this strategy concerns the fact that, in this relationship, the physician should consider the adolescent as an individual and not as a mere object of research. The study was performed from October to December ofafter approval by the institutional review board of the Universidade Federal de Minas Geraisprotocol no. School participation can contribute to the understanding of the educational needs of adolescents and establish collaborative individualized measures for prevention, identification, and treatment of crises.

Ferreira BE, Garcia A.

A asma na criança: classificação e tratamento

They also propose measures that analyze life quality and make possible patient’s global evaluation. J Allergy Clin Immunol ; Open in a separate window. We have to take our meds correctly.


It includes the treatment of asthma, which requires the use of certain medications and behaviors, as well as coping with unwanted symptoms, which demonstrate lack of disease control or poor compliance:. An assay of the IgE specific to Ascaris lumbricoides could help to better characterize these children.

Jornal de Pediatria

Indeed, it is worth remembering that the contraction protein which is present in A. Results and discussion Family relationships in the treatment of asthma in adolescence In spite of all the relevance that peer groups have in the formation of adolescent identity, the family is also bronqquica at this stage of the individual’s life, as parents are the first identification references. This fact is explained by the bornquica employed to identify children as being or not being asthmatic.

Compliance with inhaled corticosteroid treatment: But I deal with this.

Effectiveness of prophylatic inhaled steroids in childhood asthma: Montelukast for chronic asthma in 6- to years-old children: Other investigations have shown that adherence to asthma treatment is much more than simply treating the focus of the disease.