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ASME B40.100 PDF

Must be ASME B compliant. 9. The manufacturer is to provide a 5 year product warranty. Pressure gauges to be Winters P3S Series or approved. Buy ASME B Pressure Gauges and Gauge Attachments (B – ) from SAI Global. Buy ASME B (R) PRESSURE GAUGES AND GAUGE ATTACHMENTS from SAI Global.

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Other absolute pressure gauges indicate the correct absolute pressure value, even though the ambient pressure may vary. The pressure connection shall be in accordance with Table C May 15, The next edition of this Standard is scheduled for publication in This diaphragm seal is so designed that the diaphragm is essentially flush with the flow stream and thus continually washed by the process media.

1082 Test Gauge

The first installation may involve pressure pulsations that have expended most of the diaphragm fatigue life, resulting in early fatigue in b4.100 second installation. Flanged seals are generally limited to the maximum rating of the flange itself.

Test for accuracy in accordance with para. Duplex indicator pointers shall be orange left and green right.

No leakage is permitted. The ring is mounted between the diaphragm seal and the process flange. By joining you are opting in to receive e-mail. Extended flanged seals in 2 in. The addition of a liquid-filled diaphragm seal to an instrument may create a detectable error in the pressure reading. All pressure gauges shall be subjected to nine blows. In a compressed gas application, consideration should also be given to the instantaneous hydraulic effect that may be created by one of the modes of failure outlined in para.

B-1 SCOPE This Appendix is intended to emphasize those parts of this Standard that are applicable to gauges commonly used on regulators for oxy-fuel gas welding, cutting, and allied processes and to provide specific considerations for gauge dial printing marking and gauge installation.


Upon installation, the diaphragm seal is sandwiched between the process flange and a standard blind flange. Accuracy is the difference error between the true value and the gauge indication expressed as a percent of the gauge span.

In addition to the factors discussed above, the capability of a pressure element is influenced by b40.10 design, materials, and fabrication of the joints between its parts.

Consideration must be given to potentially hazardous interaction between the medium and the fluid amse to fill the diaphragm seal and pressure instrument see para. Sampling inspection, as part of the manufacturing operations, is an acceptable practice to ascertain conformance to requirements, however this does not authorize submission of known defective material, either indicated or actual, nor does it commit the purchaser to accept defective material.

Scale shown is retarded from 10 to The above diagrams are schematic and not intended to show design details. In the selection of materials of xsme for any medium resistance to corrosion is usually the determining factor.

Its use is entirely a voluntary matter and shall in no way preclude the manufacture or use of products that do not conform. Gauges used on regulators are usually size 11? Fatigue cracks usually release the medium slowly so case pressure buildup can be averted by providing pressure relief openings in the gauge case. The supplier should be consulted for advice on the pressure required for diaphragm support. ASME standards are developed and maintained with the intent to represent the consensus of concerned interests.

Industry standards cover specific details of these applications. The difference between the two sets of readings is the position error. A gauge designed to indicate ammonia pressure and to withstand the corrosive effects of ammonia. Process connections are connected to pressure flanges. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form, in an electronic retrieval system or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher.


It should also include the equivalent saturation temperature scale markings on the dial.

The dial may be graduated in units of pressure, temperature, flow, or other measurements corresponding to the transmitter input. Conti, Dresser Industries J. Pressure lines are connected using a threaded connection; generally NPT. To determine the presence of resonances, the gauge under test shall be vibrated at frequencies from 5 Hz to 60 Hz at a peakto-peak amplitude axme to exceed that shown in Table A DO use aeme glasses or provide eye protection.

The user should become familiar with all sections of this Standard, as all aspects of safety cannot be covered in this section. The width of asmf pointer tip shall not be greater than the width of the minor graduation lines. The gauge shall then be checked for accuracy at this temperature, in accordance with para.

Accuracy Grade Definitions | Miljoco

SI Abbreviation bar bar kPa? It’s easy to join and it’s free. Gauges shall have an accuracy of Grade B or better see Table 1. When black light radiation methods are employed, the manufacturer should ascertain that the solvent used will dissolve all hydrocarbons that could be present and that all hydrocarbons are detectable and fluoresce under black light.

Normal calibrating position is upright and vertical. The awme The gauge shall be tested for accuracy in accordance with para.