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Z, Payment Group Next Number, UBE R76BES NN 04/06, This UBE generates a unique identifier for the flat file and assigns a next number from 04/ Appendix: (BRA) Fields for Flat Files for Ato COTEPE 11 of This appendix discusses: Sum of fields: [(09+10+11) − (04+05+06+07+08)]. E update-of-paf-ecf-according-to-ato-cotepe-icmsfromfor

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Codes Description 01 Description 02 24 01 24 02 24 05 24 07 24 08 24 If PO Unique Payment is activated in company constants, the system uses the parent address number postal code. To sum the tax amounts by more than one demonstrative code, enter all of the codes in the Description 01 field and separate them with spaces.

Set up the purpose codes that are supplied by the government to specify the purpose of your tax reporting submittal. For example, you might set up these document types for Brazil:. Verify that the following values are set up in your system: You use the Invoice Type codes to specify whether a transaction was completed as a cash or an installment transaction.

Code Description blank Use system valueComma indicator. Items that are suspended. Enter the amount of the deduction in the Description 01 field. I’m facing a common error but unfortunately after search on the forum and trying some solutions it did not work yet. The system uses the values in this UDC table to identify the type of input when you generate the block 0 registers.


The tax calculator uses these adjustment names to determine which category codes to use. When you enter the codes in certain processing options for fiscal books or IN68 reports, the system prints the message that is associated with the code on the report or fiscal book.

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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software provides hard-coded values cotpee the system uses to indicate whether an item is manufactured or purchased. Use these codes to specify how IPI tax applies to an item.

In the Codes field, enter a code that is a concatenation of each transaction nature, plus a suffix. Number of the field in the register that changed, if the Address by Effective Date constant in the Address Book Constants program P is enabled; otherwise the field is blank.

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If PO Unique Payment is activated cotdpe company constants, the system uses the parent address number address 1. Multi mapping issue in ICO. The value for the State field in qto F table for the address book number that appears in the F table. The approval code for a response file for DPEC transmissions is The system uses the first character to determine the operation type of the transaction, and uses characters 2, 3, and 4 to determine the Brazil-specific document type.

The values are hard-coded:. For example, you can set up these free port zone codes:.

For example, you might set up this value:. Set up this UDC table with the transaction nature codes for items that you use for inbound and outbound transactions.


Therefore, you must set up special handling codes as follows:. For NFe transactions, the system uses one of these codes, depending on how the nota fiscal for a sales transaction is created:.

Codes Description 01 In-state purchase.

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The system completes this field with 1 if the value for the payment terms in the F03B11 and F tables is 1. And actually I’m not pretty strong with many of CO aspects specially COPA and they were configured by the implementer company for us and no 006 support we receive from them.

These values are hard-coded for Brazil: C for accounts payable vouchers and accounts receivable invoices P for accounts payable payments R for accounts receivable receipts.

The only difference I see is that, if we use a exit, an idoc is created and put in 51 status on the other hand if the badi is used no idoc is created. Set up return document types for sales return to indicate which line types you use for sales returns.

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Fisco State Fiscal Authority. PA Transfer structure is incomplete. The status when the company cancels the operation.