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Description. Stems: Solitary, upright, to 20 m tall and 60 cm in diameter, ringed with oblique to undulating leaf scars. Leaves: Pinnate, reduplicate, to 10 m long, . Jul 26, The Corozo Palm Attalea cohune is a prolific, and at times dominant, species in humid lowland biomes of Central America. The eastern. any info on cold/dry heat/ Attalea cohune? thanks guys.

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any info on Attalea cohune

The Attalea rostrata along with an Arenga pinnata survived the freeze but the couple dozen “hardy” Syagrus romanzoffiana nearby were killed along with Archontophoenix cunninghamiana. The growth rate of the cohune palm can be increased significantly with regular fertilizer applications.

Distribution Native to forests and disturbed areas of lowland Mexico and Central America. I’ve heard growers here in Sarasota say that they believe that Attalea phalerata is the hardiest one.

The pinnate leaves, mostly bound upwards and up to 9 m long, are of a dark green colour with 0,9 m long pinnulae regularly distributed along the rachis on a same level; the rachis rotates, by its mid length, placing the pinnulae on a vertical level. You can definitely grow Attalea cohune in inland Southern California provided you have a spot that doesn’t get severe freezes and you can give it a ton of water.


Cohune Palm

Fruits are up to 8 cm long and yellowish brown to golden brown. Photo by Bob Lauri. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Nutritional value of various mixtures of vegetable oil-seed proteins developed to combat protein malnutrition in Latin America.

Even small, young cohune palms can tolerate full sun. The fruits have a pulp with a very pleasant taste and at times are eaten locally; they are, on the contrary, frequently utilized as fodder for the cattle.

Last Updated May idtools.

The oil is utilized for the production of margarine and in the cosmetics industry; purified, is and excellent lubricant and seems to have also promising characteristics as bio-fuel. The palms are usually tall up to 20 mand the fruits grow in bunches measuring about 1 m in length and weighing kg. The cohune palm can grow to 90 feet tall.

Cohune Palm Attalea cohune

The Attalea cohune Mart. The seeds keep forever because they are adapted to lie around in dry dirt and wait for the rainy season to germinate. Each cohune fruit may contain seeds. Register a new account.

Special thanks to Palmweb. Synonyms Cocos cocoyule Mart. Those 3 years had temperatures dropping to near 20F.

Attalea cohune – Palmpedia – Palm Grower’s Guide

I found seeds on the ground in Nosara, Costa Rica, which is mostly deciduous dry forest, totally defoliated during the dry season, extremely dry and hot, and very wet and green during the rainy season. Attalea cohune was last modified: In cleared attakea deciduous forest, Nayarit State, Mexico. The cohune palm propagates by seeds.


Best for Florida, though. Corozo, corozo palm, cohune palm.

They may have either all staminate flowers or pistillate flowers with a few atta,ea ones. Young Attalea palms appear to have 10 m long leaves growing directly from the soil before the stem emerges. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Many Special Thanks to Ed Vaile for his long hours of tireless editing and numerous contributions. The fruits are ovoid or ellipsoid, cm long, with a diameter of cm, of yellowish-brown colour and contain from one to three seeds. Corozo Attalea cohuneoil meal, mechanical extraction Corozo Attalea cohuneseeds. There used to be a large specimen here at Leu Gardens. It requires a full sun exposition on draining soils, possibly sandy, and a great availability of water; it bears even moderately saline soils and therefore it may be employed in proximity of the sea.

The Attalea attalfa reaches the 15 m with even 9 m long leaves.