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The first amplifier with such a number and Audiolab logo was released almost thirty years ago, but with the index “A”. At that time the company was British and. The revived Audiolab name has also seen a revival of some familiar-looking model names, but the most famous of those, the A. Find great deals for Audiolab S Stereo Integrated Amplifier (). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Please Log in or Register to write a review. Mute with a record function unaffected Stand alone pre-amplifier Integrated amplifier Pre-power amplifier with the option to add further amplifiers Pre-power AV, which allows it to work as both a pre and power amplifier separately should you wish to add an AV processor to your system. This kind of attention to detail can help make an amp more consistent with time and temperature.

All the same, the midrange agility and extended bass of the amp again made things clear tonally and auciolab.

Power amplifier input impedance. Unlike the old A, our listeners seemed to find plenty of common ground in describing the S. The amp combines musical energy and revealing detail. This is no rhythm machine. The new model is basically a fully traditional integrated amplifier in almost every respect: The serial number is E The S also boasts high-quality features, including a headphone output, three tape loops and remote control functionality.

Audiolab has used heatsinking on a number of other components, several of which are also thermally linked together, presumably to maintain matching of characteristics between pairs.

  IC 74LS154 PDF

Audiolab S Integrated Amplifiers user reviews : out of 5 – 44 reviews –

With this fine heritage behind it, the virtues of the system are many; not least of which is flexibility. Quotes “The S integrated amplifier has been created with the famous A as its inspiration” “Well-built, reliable and good value for money, as well as being capable of excellent performance.

But otherwise, the similarities far outweigh the ajdiolab. Earn points [? Does Audiolab mean anything to you? Against Dynamics and imaging not perfect. The S has separate source switches for listening and recording, a rare feature but one we like. This Audiolab S Stereo Integrated Amplifier has come to us via a part exchange and comes with a 6 month warranty.

Michael Jackson’s dense backing was lacking depth and insight. Frequency response -3 dB.

There are currently no reviews for this product. Dimensions WxHxD – mm. Greater than 80 dB at 1 kHz. The conservative 60 watt rating belies massive power, this amplifier is capable of delivering over 25 Amps of output current ajdiolab enough for the most demanding of speaker loads and capable of delivering superb dynamic range. The power of the S is self-evident, with 60 Watts per channel output and a maximum peak output current of over 25 Amps, the system is able to drive most loudspeaker loads with ease and comfort.

Audiolab 8000S Stereo Integrated Amplifier (670)

Marantz PM Integrated Amplifier. Much the same held true in the opera track, where all agreed there was a nice flow to the track but limited soundstaging detail. Similar comments were made about the baroque chamber piece; vague in imaging, but tonally precise and rhythmically taut, too.

Only two things date this amp: We Offer Part Exchange. For Very good tonally. Be the first the write a review.


Audiolab S Stereo Integrated Amplifier () | eBay

In keeping with the traditionalist theme, almost all the stages are based xudiolab discrete transistors – we spotted just one good quality op-amp. Thanks in part to the economies of offshore manufacturing, the case is a deluxe affair with an aluminium extrusion for the front panel, while the rest is steel, the top of which is mechanically damped to prevent ringing.

The S integrated amplifier has been crafted with the famous A as its inspiration. Of course, the output transistors a single pair per channel of large high-speed bipolar types are mounted audiokab a heatsink.

Our aduiolab sighted listening to this amp confirmed that it is talented tonally, but less confident in imaging and fine detail. L’importanza di iscrivervi alla newsletter.

Our Verdict A practical and smart amplifier that won’t give any nasty surprises. Lighting and Effects Disco Lights.

Audiolab S Stereo Integrated Amplifier. Di cosa si tratta. If it does, you’ll know the brand made some of our favourite amplifiers a decade ago. Spatially, it was closed in, but there was still plenty of air around the sound and all the instrumental lines were easy to follow.

Play Outkast’s Speakerboxxxand the S throws out a vivid sound. It has been tested and is in full working order. There are three line level inputs, three tape loops, and full remote control.