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Follow the instructions in the CCS Manual. Using the VSS signal on a standard (manual) transmission vehicles Murphs CCS and the original Audiovox. only, and is not intended to replace the CCS Installation Manual. Manual, for those persons that choose to install the CCS cruise. Auto and car manuals and free pdf automotive manual instructions. Find the user manual Audiovox CCS Automobile Accessories User Manual. Page 1.

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If you already have a SPDT relay in the brake circuit, either you have the wrong relay or you have it connected wrong. Do you feel suction?

Audiovox CCS-100 Installation Manual

They have rubber caps on them and you can just pull cxs-100 off. Find the problem and fix it before you ride your bike. Cruise works but drops too much speed before it kicks in Only two possible reasons for this: The purple cruise wire connects here. Note that acceleration in the lower gears with the cruise on can be quite strong. Spread the slots in the small Bead chain eyelet connector Part Number 25 and bead chain coupling Part Number 24 before installing them.

The motorcycle taillight brake wire color of Blue manhal a Red Stripe before the connector and solid Blue after the connector is for a Kawasaki C14 only. Are you really connected to the tachometer signal of the vehicle? The audiofox supplied with the cruise is a normally closed switch. For automobiles, use the connection methods as described in the original CCS manual at http: A simple Google search might find online instructions already posted on your vehicle.


The faster the sensitivity, the less mxnual speed drops. Try the next lower PPM setting. Turn on the cruise at the Cruise Control Keypad. Attach the cruise control cable so that it parallels the existing throttle cable as nearly as possible.

The Rostra needs both signals to operate. While travelling 35 M.


If the brown, green, or yellow wires do not test properly, proceed immediately to the testing of the 4 pin control switch testing. Both are about the size of a 15ounce soup can. Amnual Tachometer source The only initial exceptions to the above are if you have a multi-cylinder vehicle with individual coils on each spark plug also called stick coils and you are taking the tachometer signal direct from the stick coil.

Way too much slack and the cruise may not respond at all and the chance of the bead chain hanging on something increases. See if your vehicle has an online forum.

If it works now your PPM setting is too high. Page 19 Audiovox Corp. Audoivox a standard manual transmission, the engine will rev up as you shift gears. Then again, others have reported no altitude problems at all.

Audiovox CCS-100 Automobile Accessories User Manual

Seal off the end off the vacuum line to the engine with you finger. If you have problems, the forum on your vehicle might be your best source for troubleshooting.

The orange wire is power for the cruise control. Just search for your vehicle ccs cruise control installation or ccs-1000 vehicle cruise control. Rearview mirror with 4″ color lcd monitor and camera package v2. Tachometer only speed signal SW4, SW5: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.


That might not be safe if a fuse blows. For these vehicles, use a PPM setting: Throttle Wire Loop example: Build a mount for the cruise control keypad if needed. The blue tachometer wire from the Cruise Control is connected here A switched power source, a circuit that turns on with the key. Prior to attaching servo cable kanual throttle, locate an accessible area to mount the cruise control servo, but do not mount it.

If you are using Tach only for your signal source, remember to pull the Black jumper to the left of the Dip switches inside the servo. While rotating the shaft, carefully snap one wire into one set of magnet slots. Normally closed control cc-s100. Normally the rear brake switch has the easiest access. Be sure to load the wires according to the color coded label on the connector, and press the terminals in fully until a click is heard.

Audiovox CCS Instruction manual |

Don’t have an account? The control circuit interprets digital speed information from the car’s engine control module VSS or Magnet Kit and ignition coil output.

Look into the servo housing where the wiring harness is installed. Snap the second wire into the remaining slots making sure the ends are nearly opposite the first wire, as kanual in Figure 4 or It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Brake Wire Connection Test: The cruise control will shut its self off if the vehicle speed drops over 10 MPH below Set speed.