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is used to tell Windows how to autorun your CD or DVD. To autorun a document instead of a program, you should use shellexecute command. Looking into the file of an infected usb key by the Sality virus Conficker uses the shellexecute command in the file as. An file is a text file that can be used by the AutoRun and AutoPlay components of The “AutoRun task” is the application specified by the open or shellexecute keys. If an AutoRun task is specified it is executed immediately without.

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How an inf file is handled depends on the version of Windows shellexecuhe use, the volume drive type and certain Registry settings.

Each key can be set to indicate true or false values and values are not case sensitive.

However the icon didn’t change, and neither the splash page or pdf opened or displayed upon inserting the disc. Be aware that the use of ‘ command ‘ and autorunn.inf start ‘ restrict this to machines running Windows. If it autorun.ijf omitted, verb is displayed. Retrieved from ” https: Use of this section is intended to allow content authors both to communicate the intent of content to Autoplay and to shorten its scan time by limiting the scan to certain significant areas of the media.

Creating an AutoRun-Enabled Application

No programming or design required! It can contain spaces shelleexcute should be no longer than 32 characters. To remove substitution later please use the following command: If you use shellexecute to autorun documents you can not ensure that user will have the appropriate software to read your document on their computers.


INF file is located in the root folder of a CD. They should indicate the application to be run, the company that created it, and any associated branding.

Note It is possible to put a value in the LabelText parameter which exceeds 32 characters and receive no error message. If no DriverPath entry is provided in the [DeviceInstall] section or the DriverPath entry has no value, then that drive is skipped during a search for driver files. AutoRun is typically used aurorun.inf automatically run or load something contained on the inserted media, whereas AutoPlay presents a dialog that includes a list of relevant actions that may be taken and enables the user to choose which action to take.

To create a CD that will auto-run is actually very simple. Long filenames will be truncated to an “8. They should be composed in such a way that users can easily identify them. This command allows you to create a virtual drive that is actually a autorkn.inf on your physical drive.

As Windows has a case-insensitive view of filenamesthe autorun. Specifies a custom command listed in the shortcut menu for autorun.inff icon. On Windows Vista or Windows 7, this entry causes any actions specified for AutoRun shellexdcute using either the open or shellexecute entries to be suppressed from the Windows AutoPlay dialog.

You usually need to reboot for a new value to autorin.inf effect. The AutoRun component was introduced in Windows 95 as a way of reducing support costs. Views Read Edit View history.

Entries – Windows applications | Microsoft Docs

Brian Autrun.inf is a dedicated software developer and webmaster. It can then include any of the following optional commands – with each command placed on a separate line:. Click Start Run then type in regedit.

Use of this section is intended to allow content authors to communicate the intent of content to Autoplay. To launch the associated files by their extensions, you must use “ShellExecute” statement.


Finally, programmers might like to know that AutoRun shellexscute also be disabled by the program that controls the foreground window by handling the “QueryCancelAutoPlay” Windows message. MenuBox extends this functionality by also allowing documents to be automatically opened when the medium is inserted in the drive.

By default, verb is the text that is displayed in the shortcut menu.

– Wikipedia

ShellExecute does not work on older versions of Windows i. The action entry specifies the text that is used in the Autoplay dialog for the handler representing the program specified in the open or shellexecute entry in the media’s Autorun.

If it does, the system searches for a file named Autorun. This page was last edited on 5 Octoberat For information on how you can register an application as a handler for your custom AutoPlay content event, see Auto-launching with AutoPlay or How to Register an Event Handler.

Windows will launch the application associated with that file type to open the datafile. Using MenuBox in this way is completely free.

Remarks The icon, together with the label, represents the AutoRun-enabled drive in the Windows user interface. If no DriverPath entry is provided in the [DeviceInstall] section or the DriverPath entry has no value, then that drive is skipped during a search for driver files.


Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references. Click OK and after this command you will find a new drive O: The following example specifies the second icon in the MyProg. The name must be no more than alphanumeric characters. We appreciate your feedback.