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Aveyond: Rhen’s Quest (walkthrough). Walkeekie; 33 videos; 54, views; Last updated on Jun 2, Walkthrough of “Aveyond: Rhen’s Quest”. Play all. AVEYOND BUILD B WALKTHROUGH – mandatory quests. NOTE: THIS When Rhen sleeps, there is a cut scene showing the Dark Lord Ahriman. He is still. At this point, the main quest for the game begins. You must Have Lars cast while Rhen and Elini just do the worst damage they can with their most powerful spells. the child you picked up in New Witchwood if you followed this walkthrough.

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From Board to Phone.

Walk thr for Aveyond, visit www. What you need is at the top of the Beanstalk you aveyknd long ago in the Enchanted Garden.

You even get to see Rhen in a wedding dress, with a fancy new hairstyle!! Advertise with Gamezebo Learn More.

Aveyond Tips Walkthrough – Gamezebo

Why don’t people help to kill the bots? Your house is to the left of the first bridge. If you have any spare money, get some better equipment and supplies from the various shops around town. This is one of her best spells for much of aveyodn game, as it hits the entire enemy party with a powerful fireball spell.

Then go west across the second bridge. Be sure to read the poster on the wall and then talk to the Tavern Owner. If you get lost, look for signs to read.

Exactly when to move is partly computer-dependent, based on how quickly the party moves in response to your command. He asks you to walkthrugh back the village healer. With bottle in hand, return to the Memory Caverns and capture one of the fairies. When Ahriman finally dies, Dameon hurriedly tells you to use the Sword of Shadows.


In Aveyond gamefiles downloaded from amaranthia. Go there and talk to Headmaster Harald, a man in a little room on the first floor of the academy to the left of the main entrance. Take the Fairy-in-a-Bottle qufst the Mountain King north of Thornkeep well, what do you know … my wife was right!

Now where have we seen fire before? Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Walk into the your bed. An effective battle strategy against these two enemies is to have Lars inflict various status ailments on them so aalkthrough will be unlikely to attack the party. Initially, you can train with the spiders, and then head back to town to rest or to purchase restorative items. It is in the far northeast part of he Southern Isle.

He sells you as a slave.

Aveyond 1 – Walkthrough

After you have saved your game, go up to the attic and fight the spiders. Enter the place and scout for some information. Leave Veldarah and go west. In Lands End, there is a temple with the easiest druid to find. Leave the palace and go to Shadwood Academy. You will see some kids picking flowers.

After you get the rune goodie you will be able to buy traveling runes from shops. They tell you that Ahriman is possibly in the deeper parts of the Stronghold Temple in Veldt.

You get to choose between a bag of silver coins and sun block. Now go to the Items junk shop, and the Bottle will be available … finally!


The junk dealer will ask you if you want to buy the ring. But ultimately, in order to find the ring, go to the Junk Shop in Veldarah.

Aveyond 1 – Walkthrough

Talk to the Queen again pay attention to the conversation … part of it is funnythen fight Ugart, her husband. This opens up a door to an underground area of the Walkthough, so head through it. This list contains the chores you have to do for the day. When you reach the signpost again, follow the path east until you see a bridge. The Mithril Rapier is a very strong weapon for Pirate John but of aveyojd the elven rapier is the best onewhile the Red Demon Summon is a summon spell for Elini that allows her to attack the entire enemy party with a low Mana usage.

All but two switches you activate quesr a door; tripping them a second time has no effect. Sign in Already have an account?

Enter the Blasted Lands and follow the road until you reach the gates of Thais. On the Western Isle, it is best to go south to the Lowlands first.

Aveyond Walkthrough & Cheats

aveyomd You can go visit Dirkon now, and trigger a side-quest if you like. Leave the house and go south into the village. You can either go the Ice Palace and talk to the Snow Queen, or go east and through another cave to the grassy area which is Aveyond.