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UWP Model , Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve – Conforms to AWWA C – DI Bodies translate into pure strength achieving three times that of Cast Iron alone. AWWA C Rubber-Seated Butterfly Valves. Document Language: English; Published By: American Water Works Association (AWWA); Page Count: The butterfly valves shall conform to the latest edition of AWWA-C Standard for Rubber Seated Flanged AWWA Butterfly Valves. The valves and actuators.

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Clearance beyond the valve body required for the valve disc to open fully Sec. Valve discs shall be of a cast or fabricated design c540 no external ribs transverse to the flow. It is not a specification. Valve shafts or extensions of the valve shaft shall be designed for connection to actuators, as described in Sec. Valve shafts shall be wrought stainless steel or nickel-copper alloy.

Maximum seating and operating torque requirements of the conditions defined in the scope. The diviner shall incorporate the direction to open or close the valve. The upper surface of the valve disc shall be visible and shall be covered with a pool of water awww 0 psig 0 kPa pressure. If this is of concern, limitations should be provided. c5004

Ductile Iron AWWA Butterfly Valve, Rs /piece, SVR Global Solutions India | ID:

A circular seal between the valve shaft aswa the inside cylindrical surface of the body hub that prevents the pressurized water from exiting and outside contaminants from entering the valve body in the area where the shaft c5504 through the body. The designations A and B define the flow-rate capabilities with the valve in the fully open position. All chambered actuators shall incorporate swwa bearings isolating the rotating segment from the actuator housing.


Successful completion of the test will identify the design methods used in a series of actuators within the torque ranges listed as suitable. The smallest diameter of the shaft shall be capable of transmitting the maximum calculated valve-operating torque without the torsional shear stress exceeding 40 percent of the yield strength of the shaft material.

Ductile Iron AWWA Butterfly Valve

Ductile-iron worm gears for buried service shall be supported in the housing and cover with self-lubricated sleeve bearings. Valves under mm shall have the seats recessed in the body and supported on three sides.

Sample Air-Vacuum Release Specification. The test is to be performed in each direction across the disc, and, in the case of flanged valves, the valve body shall be bolted to a flanged test head. Laverick, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. If this information is not provided, class B valve classifications will be provided and actuators will be sized for the most severe conditions listed in this standard.

An electromechanical actuator that employs the power of an electric motor converted through a gear-reduction unit. The party that supplies material or services. Whenever valve components are to be made in conformance with ASTM or other standards that include test requirements or testing procedures, the valve manufacturer shall meet these requirements or procedures.

All seats shall be of a natural or synthetic rubber. Qwwa metal ring around the inside of the valve body or the outside edge of the valve disc that seals with the rubber seat when the disc is closed.


ANSI AWWA C 橡胶垫密封蝴蝶阀_百度文库

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AWWA advances public health, safety, and welfare by uniting the efforts of the full spectrum of the entire water community. The test shall be conducted with the disc in the horizontal plane. This may not be a standard practice for some manufacturers and, therefore, may result in increased cost and delivery time.

Test duration shall be at least 1 min for valves 8 in. The use of AWWA standards is entirely voluntary. Actuators used for modulating service shall be rated to produce not less than twice the required valve dynamic torque.

Repeat several times to clear the seats for tight shutoff. When selecting this option, body-laying length shall comply with the short-body configuration of Table 1. Specify any limitations on acceptability of seat materials or sprayed seats for specific applications or specific xwwa. The internal hydrostatic awws for which the valve body is designed without regard to disc position or actuator capacity.

Hardware used in connecting the shaft to the disc shall be of corrosionresistant metals. Defense Supply Center Columbus, P.

Flanges shall be flat faced.