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The AX/TF Series of long range photoelectric detectors with selectable beam frequencies. The selectable beam frequencies can be used to avoid. The Optex AXTF is an outdoor 4-channel select dual beam photoelectric detector featuring a detection range and a form C relay output. Searching for a low cost Photoelectric Detector solution? The Optex AXTF is a great Photoelectric Detector within our Photoelectric Detectors product line at.

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Re-program the Zone’s Loop Response Time” appropriately.

Environmental Disqualification output with a capable of handling 28 Volts DC, 0. Before starting, read the More information. The advantage of this method is the elimination of wiring, from a detector or switch, back to the control panel.

The View finder and LED indicator shall provide rough alignment, while voltage meter jacks shall allow fine tuning. Do not install the unit where objects 3. Replace or repair as necessary The control panel may be malfunctioning, call the control panel manufacturer. In the box with the B housing you will find a small plastic bag containing: Optical, compatible control panel required.



Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. In order to get the most out of this instrument for many years to come, please take the.

In front of the Transmitter. Each LED shall indicate 3 steps of alignment, slow flicker is okay, fast flicker is better, continuously ON is the best, totally providing 15 graduated stages.

Do not use the product to qx a shutter, etc.

Optex 650 Outdoor Dual Beam

Does the power now satisfy the requirement? Keypad D Installation Instructions 1. This product must be used under the following environmental conditions: Wiring Connect control voltage signal terminal System arming status voltage output terminal of control panel to A.

This device may not cause More information. Failure to follow the safety rules and other basic safety precautions. Output is in the normal condition.

Outdoor Perimeter Security Product

In case the wireless transmitter has more than two outputs available, one wireless transmitter in each element transmitter and receiver is 65tf. When maximum voltage is obtained, place the blocking shields on both upper receiver mirror and transmitter mirror and adjust lower for maximum Monitor Jack Voltage. The detector shall feature frost and dew protection. Four M8 wall fixings 5.


Set of back covers (pair) for AX-TF and AX-DH MkIII photoelectric detectors

This function allows you to match the units sensitivity ti its surroundings. Wall or Pole Weight The junction box is universally compatible with. Accelerated Motion on an Inclined Plane Vernier. They shall require simultaneous interruption of both beams to trigger an activation ; no activation shall be generated when birds, insects, or falling leaves break just one beam. Unpacking In the box with the B housing you will find a small plastic bag containing: The detector shall contain D.

The majority of false activations can be attributed to poor beam alignment. General 1 Detection range and installation height. Be carefull when removing the “Beam Blocking Tool” from the mirror-don’t move mirrors. This function allows you to select the suitable beam interruption time for any environment.

Clipsal is a registered trademark of Clipsal Australia Pty Ltd. In front of the Receiver. The optical alignment level can be checked at the Reciver.