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Badal Sircar (15 July –13 May ), also known as Badal Sarkar, was an influential Indian dramatist and theatre director, most known for. Girish Karnad (left) and Badal Sircar (second from right) inaugurating the third International Theatre Festival of Kerala in Photo courtesy. Badal (Sudhindra) Sircar continues to be an influential figure in Bengali, even Indian, theatre five years after his passing. He was from the educated middle.

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I conceded and in solidarity, my husband too followed suit. Gopeshwar Banerjee D.

Badal Sircar

One expression that describes this book is ‘total theatre’ as it encompasses the perspective from actors, directors, to set lights and set designers. The actors are sprawled on the ground of the railway property they use for baval a couple of theatrical props and glowing light bulbs hanging from trees are all that there is to assist them. He wrote of ordinary things in a poetic vein.

Paschim Banga Natya Akademi. His plays reflected the atrocities that prevailed in the society, the decayed hierarchical system and were socially enlightening. An emptiness surrounds me all the time. His Third Theatre movement was not only an experimentation.

Badal Sircar Research Papers –

A detailed list of plays should have been added so that the references and their contexts could have been more baxal to the reader. And this slim book of interviews is a great primer badao have at your side when you dip into his works. Some have been impacted by his workshop practice, others by his ideas of a free, non-proscenium theatre, yet others by his playscripts. Baba baral convinced that theatre had to break the barriers between performer and spectator, performer and performer, spectator and spectator.


However, as a husband, he was everything a wife could ask for. This paper charts the evolution of Badal Sircar as a playwright as well as a theorist and a practitioner of an alternative theater movement in India. This book is a result of a badsl on theatre in by Sarita Sanskriti Samaroh, which was attended not just by theatre practitioners, but also connoisseurs and admirers of theatre from every walk of cultural life.

His father was associated with the group and Mukherjee joined Satabdi knowing it would not bring him any glamour, fame or money.

Sangeet Natak Akademi website. He was a legendary figure in the world of theatre but I would be lying if I say he was an ideal father.

ZaraBol – Trending Topics. He wrote several essays on his philosophy of the Third Theatre, and lectured widely on the subject.

In Search of the Sacred Lunatic: Why Badal Sircar? – Kindle MagazineKindle Magazine

Be first to comment Click here to cancel reply. I think the time has come to look at our response towards his later texts and re-discover certain nuances that we understood yet chose to ignore, not limit badap to the visual narrative of movement patterns and myriad structures created by the body.

More Stories Cities, like dreams, are made of… It is in cities that the desires and fears of diverse multitudes come together to create… Share: Challenging complacency His was theatre as anti-establishment counterculture, challenging normative middle-class mores and complacency, an attempt at conscientisation and awareness-raising, protest and political comment.


Badal Sirkar did baadl with theatrical environments such as stage, costumes and presentation and established a new generation of theatre called baval Theatre”. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

I am feasting on some wonderful memories. Alternative Theatre of Badal Sircar. Notes on Badal Sircar’s Evam Indrajith. Badal Sarkar in Bend it like Modi to the beat of a s Bollywood number Data check: Click here to sign up.

No other Indian theatre personality has had sircr the same effect. Theatre also served as the platform where major ideological debates were played out to create and sustain a country which believes in social justice and equity.

Sangeet Natak Akademi fellows. We spoke of several things, but what came through clearly was his deep passion for and commitment to the theatre path he had chosen to walk for the past forty odd years.

The intimacy offered by Aanganmancha expanded to accommodate a theatre form that offered even greater freedom and came to be known as the Third Theatre as Sircar entered the final phase of his life. An Aspect of Indian Theatre. These theatre histories are indicative of the relationship between the playwrights, plays and actors.

His kind of dissent constantly strove to be independent, without being co-opted by government or corporate patronage.