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In Alain Badiou’s new Handbook of Inaesthetics, he makes a clear argument for art to find a new schema and linkage to the event of truth. Handbook of Inaesthetics has ratings and 11 reviews. Miriam said: I’ve only read the sections on visual arts, but poetry, dance, and theater are als. Didacticism, romanticism, and classicism are the possible schemata for the knotting of art and philosophy, the third term in this knot being the education of.

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The definition of art in the didactic paradigm is to be a charm to the semblance of truth.

Handbook of Inaesthetics

The event shows the void of the situation, because it shows that what there is now was previously devoid of truth. Badiou at once embraces the traditional modernist notion that truths are genuinely invariant always and everywhere the case, eternal and unchanging and the incisively postmodernist notion that truths are constructed through processes. However, he continues, the dominations themselves are, whilst being relative concepts, not necessarily intrinsic to language and constructible thought; rather one can axiomatically define a domination — in the terms of mathematical ontology — as a set of conditions such that any condition outside the badiu is dominated by at least one term inside the domination.

These conditions are thought of in terms of domination, a domination being that which defines a set. The linking of art and philosophy should not take place at the price of reducing philosophy to art.


The property ‘one’ is always dominated by ‘not one’. Labyrinth Books, New York, 6 March Apparently for Badiou, the most paradigmatic of all arts is poetry, and he proceeds in reading poetry almost in the manner of Deleuze’s “free indirect style”, where no matter which poem Badiou examines, in his hands it inevitably ends up saying what Badiou says elsewhere.

For Badiou the problem which the Greek tradition of philosophy has faced and never satisfactorily dealt with is that while beings themselves are plural, and thought in terms of multiplicity, being itself is thought to be singular; that is, it is thought in terms of the one.


His philosophy seeks to expose and make sense of the potential of radical innovation revolution, invention, transfiguration in every situation.

Badiou reasons using these conditions that every discernible nameable or constructible set is dominated by the conditions which don’t possess the property that makes it discernible as a set. This is why the ultimate effect of art remains imaginary. To view it, click here.

Art and Philosophy in Badiou’s HANDBOOK OF INAESTHETICS – Daniel Tutt

Please clean it up to conform to a higher standard of quality, and to make it neutral in inaexthetics. Every regime of truth is grounded in the real by its own unnamable. Badiou again turns here to mathematics and set theory — Badiou’s language of ontology — to study the possibility of an indiscernible element existing extrinsically to the situation of ontology.

Badiou’s ultimate ethical maxim is therefore one of: Andrew rated it really liked badiiu Nov 12, Verso, Cinematransl.

This article may be written from a fan’s point of viewrather than a neutral point of view. Our times are worth more than the label on which they pride themselves: The third, the author call Aristotelian, organizes the inclusionof the knowledge of the poem into the philosophy.

En direct, France 3 French. If one takes, in binary language, the set with the condition ‘items marked only with ones’, any item marked with zero negates the property of the set. He is the author of several successful novels and plays as well as more than a dozen philosophical works. Brian Jenkins rated it liked it Sep 07, Only set theory allows one to conceive a ‘pure doctrine of the multiple’.

To count a set as one is to mention that set. It may help to understand the concept ‘count-as-one’ if it is associated with the inaestheticd of ‘terming’: Nirenberg and Nirenberg write:. Although not a light read, this title is far more accessible than Badiou’s collossus “Being and Event. Every truth begins with an event, and an event is unpredictable.

When truth is disjoined from the master we have democracy. Truth results from the fact that place — the ordeal of absence badiiou void — first nostalgically and then actively arouses the fiction of a master that would be capable of truth Pg. Through the poetic retention of its disappearance, the power of producing presence itself as Idea. His poems were as inaesthstics he was starring into the sun; representing a desire to create a metaphysics subtracted from metaphysics itself, that is from nature, and physics.


History of Western Philosophy. Cohenusing what are called the conditions of sets.

Alain Badiou – Wikipedia

This is why Badiou accords set theory the axioms of which he refers to as the “ideas of the multiple” such stature, and refers to mathematics as the very place of ontology: Polity Press, Wittgenstein’s Antiphilosophytransl.

John Iaesthetics Douglas College. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. They were above all anti-classical. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Preview — Handbook of Inaesthetics by Alain Badiou. His poems took on a mathematical code which has yet to be weaved into one, and of the over 25, unpublished pages, we are still wrestling with his legacy.

The lover, for instance, does not think of her love as a question of truth, but simply and rightly as a question of love. An Introduction to the Materialist Epistemology of Mathematicstransl. Verso, Plato’s Republic: Paperbackpages.

The Global Center for Advanced Studies. Most significantly this use means that as with set theory there is a strict prohibition on self-belonging; a set cannot contain or belong to itself. This situation of being and the rupture which characterizes the event are thought in terms of set theoryand specifically Zermelo—Fraenkel set theory with the axiom of choiceto which Badiou accords a fundamental role in a manner quite distinct from the majority of either mathematicians or philosophers.