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Attachments. Rundschreiben 2/ (VA) – Mindestanforderungen an die Geschäftsorganisation von Versicherungsunternehmen (MaGo). URL: Aufsichtsrecht /DE Mindestanforderungen an das Risikomanagement (MaRisk VA), copy of the document available. It replaces Circular 3/ – Miniumum Requirements for Risk Management in Insurance Undertakings (MaRisk VA) which had been repealed.

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This can also apply to undertakings with a more distinctive risk profile.

Organizationally integrating the risk management concept into the company.

The responsible handling of financial products in manufacturing and distribution is designed to protect clients. Starting on 1 JanuaryBaFin will continue its pronouncements on governance and forward-looking own risk assessment, published in preparation for the Solvency II regime, in the form of interpretative decisions, which will be constantly updated. This includes not only the person who exercises the key function but also the staff who deal with the respective tasks. The notification requirement applies to all domestic insurance undertakings and Pensionsfonds and to all insurance groups consisting exclusively of domestic ca insurers and reinsurers, as well as to groups with primary insurers and reinsurers domiciled in other member states or EEA signatory states pursuant to section 7 no.

This service is intended for those providers who would like to meet BaFin’s notification, reporting and transmission requirements on the basis bfin a simple and secure electronic data exchange system or who are required to use the Reporting and Publishing Platform. The governance system of insurers is regulated by the provisions of sections 23 to 32 of the German Insurance Supervision Act Versicherungsaufsichtsgesetz — VAG of 1 April This English version is provided for information purposes only.

For example, the new Circular emphasizes the principle of proportionality even more, taking into account the interests of especially insurance undertakings with little risk. The notification letter must be signed by at least one of the representatives of the undertaking and state the position held by them. Based on the experience gained inBaFin will examine if specific guidance is needed for undertakings that are not subject matisk Solvency II.


It advises the management board or other persons appointed to represent the undertaking on compliance issues, assesses the effects of any changes in the legal environment on the undertaking and identifies and assesses the risks associated with failure to comply with the legal requirements compliance risk.

The Delegated Regulation is directly applicable in all Member States. This is a non-binding convenience translation provided for information purposes only. However, it is, inter alia, not addressed to small insurance undertakings, funeral expenses funds and pension marsk. Since this is not a formal notification stipulated under section 47 no.

Section 31 of the VAG Article 48 of the S II Framework Directive provides for an actuarial function, which, among other things, coordinates the calculation of technical provisions.

BaFin – News – BaFin publishes Circular on Minimum Requirements on the System of …

Outsourcing arrangements that bafni prior to 1 JAnuary BaFin expects undertakings that outsourced important functions or insurance activities prior to marusk January to submit an overview of all existing outsourcing arrangements for such functions or activities. Submission of the outsourcing agreement is not required. New BaFin-Circular regarding the minimum requirements for the business organisation of insurance undertakings MaGo 16 February Related topics: However, the ultimate responsibility of the management board or other persons appointed to represent the undertaking for the outsourced function or insurance activity cannot be delegated but always remains within the undertaking.

This translation is not official; the only authentic text is the German one as published in the Federal Law Gazette Bundesgesetzblatt. CMS Germany – Dr. Supervises and controls Spain’s Insurance and pension fund sector. This can also apply to marism with a more distinctive risk profile.


I find the articles to be of a good quality and the topics are well researched and presented in a very user-friendly format. In accordance with section 47 no. To this end, the undertakings must adopt a written policy for the outsourced functions and insurance activities. Submission of the draft agreement is required.

BaFin – Governance

BaFin imposes coercive fines …. Login Register Follow bafi Twitter Search. Publication of financial reports: The development and promotion of an appropriate risk culture is a primary task of the management of any company. Filter this page’s content by country. Latest sector news BaFin stresses that EIOPA-stress tests cannot generally be accepted as being individual stress tests, but might be sufficient in individual cases.

#LoungeTalk: MaRisk VA

The relevant BaFin marixk may waive the translation of English-language documents on a case-by-case basis. The new Circular is applicable to all primary insurance and reinsurance undertakings situated in Germany and in Third Countries. The internal audit function includes, for instance, an evaluation of the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal control system and other elements of the system of governance. If key tasks are outsourced, it is not necessary to include documents concerning the competent person at the service provider for example CV or certificate of criminal record together with the notification.

Responsible for the micro-prudential regulation of individual firms Area: